One of the things that security service customers often dread is canceling a contract. Many companies have the reputation of making it very difficult for a homeowner to cancel. Whether they hope the customer will just give up or whether they assume they can make more money that way isn’t clear — but this has been a thorn in the side of customers for a long time. It’s not changing, either, because people are continuing to contract with these companies and allow it to happen. Fortunately, not every company makes it that difficult to cancel a contract for monitored home security.


Is It Hard to Cancel a Protect America Contract?

When compared to other companies, it’s not that difficult to get a Protect America contract canceled. Calling the company at the number provided on their website is all that’s needed to start the process. They have customer care agents who will do all they can in order to work with homeowners to assess their particular situation. Naturally, these agents discourage cancellation. But they don’t make the process difficult. They will tell homeowners what needs to be done, give them options, and let them decide what’s going to work for them. There will be fees for cancellation, but that’s different than attempting to actually stop a cancellation from taking place.

Make Sure To Follow Up With the Company

Even though canceling a contract with Protect America is much easier than with most companies, it’s still a good idea to follow up with the company. By following up in this way, the homeowner can get:

  • confirmation of cancellation
  • peace of mind
  • a timeline for cancellation
  • information on when and how to pay any fees

A simple follow up with the company is a good way to make sure a homeowner is protected, and that the cancellation has been processed the right way. That can keep a homeowner happy with the Protect America experience, and cause them to come back to the company later if they need security services again.


Choosing the Right Security Company is Important

No matter which company a homeowner works with, it’s important to get the one they are happy with. That may mean canceling a contract with one company to switch to another one.

Overall, it’s vital that a homeowner interested in home security does their research, so they can pick the company that they feel will be best for them in the long run. That way they can appreciate everything that company has to offer, and can have peace of mind for a long period of time.

While a particular company that some homeowners really like may not be right for other people, there are often many good options for anyone who wants a quality home security system. Having a monitored system can bring a much higher level of peace of mind to homeowners, as well.

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