Protect America is excited to announce that Trusted Alarm, a top home security review website based in Texas, awarded Protect America the number one choice for home security service.


Trusted Alarm says they chose Protect America as the overall winner for our forward thinking, always being ahead of where the industry is going, and taking care of our customers.

“Giving customers a do-It-yourself system, as well as something that’s affordable, allows the consumer to feel a lot more empowered,” Chad Ingram, CEO of Trusted Alarm said. “The customer no longer needs a technician to come to their home and cut a bunch of holes into their walls and things like that.”

Protect America was chosen ahead of competitor companies, Vivint and Link Interactive, who were chosen second and third respectively. Trusted Alarm has been impressed with the visits they’ve had to Protect America that have shown a strong sense that customers always come first. “Protect America makes a big, strong push to make customers happy. It’s just a different atmosphere working with customers,” Ingram said.

How the Rating was Determined

Trusted Alarm’s rating is based on overall experience with a company, not just technology, service, or response time, but everything encompassing. “Every company has their one thing that they’re known for and good at, but Protect America has always been known to be a good provider,” Ingram says. “There’s a good positive atmosphere about the way that Protect America does business. And their average response times are better than the competitors.”

Trusted Alarm aims to provide quality and organic information that consumers need, so they can make good decisions about what home security service is right for them. Trusted Alarm wants consumers to be empowered by the information available through their reviews.

Protect America was established in 1992. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we have learned the ins and outs of complete protection and peace of mind. We are deeply rooted in quality and experience through our Rockbridge family, whose other notable family members include Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We have secured over 500,000 homes in all 50 states and Canada to date, and we’ve been rated a Consumers Digest Best Buy for the last five years.

Our systems are designed to fit perfectly in your home, and all devices communicate seamlessly with your central control station, making defense from fire, carbon monoxide, medical hazards and more, simple. The official Protect America apps are available for the iPhone in the App Store and Android on Google Play.

See Protect America’s number one rating at Trusted Alarm.