Jose Ramirez in in the throes of an installation phone call with a Protect America customer. The customer has just received their system, and Jose is walking them through the process of setting up each of their devices. He gets the customer set up and sends them on their way to being secured, then begins instantly on the next phone call with another customer. On any given day Jose and his fellow installers may speak with over 70 customers, with an aim to install six to seven customers. Installs take around an hour, but may go longer based on the needs of a given customer.

If the day is slow, Jose and his installation teammates look through customer accounts to see if there are any follow-up conversations or customers who have yet to install their security systems. If the phones are especially busy and Jose has a brief moment, he’ll take one of his teammates’ calls to aid an install.

The installation team is the second touch-point in Protect America’s on-boarding process. Once a customer has purchased home security, they speak with installs to set up their equipment. This is a crucial step, because customers are being guided over the phone, giving them complete control of their system and set up process, which is useful if customers ever want to move equipment or they move to a new home.

Once equipment is installed, our Protect America installers follow up with customers after seven days to make sure their devices are working properly and there are no troubleshooting needs. It’s possible for customers to speak to an installation team member once again through their life-cycle with Protect America, but many of their concerns will be addressed with other departments once they are fully installed.

A Company that Promotes Growth 

Jose has worked with the installations team for close to a year. He started with Protect America’s sales team, but after about three months, Jose and the sales department agreed that he would excel in installations. The department was a better fit for his skill set. “The good thing about Protect America, I feel that they’ll put you somewhere where they think that you are going to do well,” he says. Installations were excited to have Jose on the team, and they worked diligently to make sure that the role he was given was best suited for him.

A friend of Jose’s referred him to Protect America. He remembers taking a tour of the building and being pleased to find that everyone seemed happy to be at work. Team members were working hard, but they had a smile on their faces, and they were laughing and joking with each other. “It doesn’t feel so much like you’re at work here,” Jose says. “I like the people, and I like the environment.” This feeling is important to Jose to have in the work place. “I’ve been here for about a year, but I consider this home.”

He’s been thrilled with the opportunities Protect America has provided to earn a living, advance in a career, and he speaks with high praise of the company’s aim to make sure that they found the perfect fit for him. And Jose can not be more thrilled with the environment, which encourages members to act as a team and embrace each other while they work.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Not every customer finds the installation process to be simple. This is where the installers come in to play. Some customers open their box of equipment and get intimidated, but after help from Protect America installers, they quickly learn that the process is simple. “At the end they are excited,” Jose says.

Customers are relieved their home is secure, and many of them even turn installing into a family affair by including their children and spouse. “They’re actually surprised how easy it is to set up the equipment.”

Customers are thrilled about their newfound ability to secure their home via a security application, use Amazon’s Alexa voice control with their system, and the other features that are available once home security is connected to a smart home. The kids that help their parents install have a lot of fun installing and naming sensors. It’s a thrill for them to set names and get devices up and running.

Aside from the excitement customers feel once their system is installed, and the fun that kids have, Jose feels a connection with customers by providing them a service that impacts their life and ensures their safety.

“I go out to different places, like the store or a concert, and I see people walking around and I can’t help but think that wow, some people here might have Protect America and I’ve helped them install their service,” Jose says. “There’s probably people here that we help, that we protect. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel like it’s not just a job, you’re actually doing something to help people.”

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