Since most of us have some type of bill to pay on a regular basis, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to manage them. With all the paper clutter that comes with daily life, it’s no wonder we have a difficult time staying organized! Consequently, not managing your debt properly can lead to other money problems down the line or interruption in your security service. Missing a payment every now and then does not cast a favorable impression on creditors. However, there is a solution! Using online bill pay can help you pay, manage and eventually save money! Stay organized with your home security payments using Protect America’s newest online Express Bill Pay option!

What is Express Bill Pay?

With technology changing constantly, we have sought more efficient ways to manage our lives. One of these methods has been online bill pay.

We make it easy and convenient to secure your home and protect your family by offering a secure and simple way to pay your home security bill online.

Basically, online bill pay is a method of payment which allows an individual to issue payment instructions to a creditor electronically via a computer program. Online bill pay can virtually eliminate human error, making the management of your bills so much easier. Additionally, online bill pay is a much faster payment method than mailing checks. Our online bill pay option is designed to be quick and easy to use.

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Benefits of Online Bill Pay

There are many benefits that come with using the Protect America Express Bill Pay option. First of all, time is precious. We’re always looking for ways to save time. You can definitely save time by using our online bill pay feature. Rather than writing out checks, licking stamps, and filing piles of papers, or making phone calls, you can set up an online account that will eliminate almost all of those steps. Managing your home security bill will become so much easier – and faster. And what’s even better… there will be more features added to our Express Bill Pay portal in the future! Right now with Express Bill Pay, you can see what’s due with your bill and when.

What Can It Do

The Express Bill Pay option still requires you to have a card on file. However, there are a number of reasons why Bill Pay will make your life easier. For example:

o    If you have a past due balance, Bill Pay is a great option to resolve your current situation.

o   We all misplace things. If you lose your card, simply pay your bill online while you wait for a new card to register!

o   If your card on file expires, you can pay quickly online until you can call or chat in to update the information.

o   If you want to prepay on your account, Express Bill Pay is a great way for you to do that.

o   Also, if you have a valid card on file but still prefer to send a check into Protect America ahead of time, you can now easily pay online and avoid sending a check. However, generally you are advised to pay online at least 5 business days before your bill date to ensure you won’t get billed for the upcoming month again


What’s to Come

Our bill pay portal will eventually be able to take care of any credit card or other financial information that needs to be updated without having to make a phone call. Additional features such as scheduling payments and seeing your home security payment history will be added soon. So stay tuned for more updates on our Express Bill Pay and if you haven’t already, register online and start making your life easier today!

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