Protect America offers a simple solution when it comes to protecting your home. Offering a product that is easy to install, Protect America offers a self-install system with over the phone or online support to install your system. The equipment provided is wireless and small for easy set up and convenience.

Signing Up for Home Security

To sign up for a system you simply fill out the form on the right with your contact information and a representative will contact you. Or you can just call the 1800 number directly and order one from whoever you speak to.

Once purchased, you will receive your Protect America equipment typically in 3 to 5 business days. Included you will receive all your equipment; a Simon XT, sensors, and any accessories you may have ordered as well as a DVD to help you with the installation process.

Installing Home Security

Once you are ready to install the system you simply call Protect America’s installation phone line and will be assigned to a representative who will be helping you to install the system. Typically Protect America is ahead of that and you almost always will even have a rep call you personally on the day of receiving to go ahead and install the system.

Your equipment is already programmed into the Simon XT system and is ready for you to place the sensors on whichever locations you may want to protect. Ask you will be on the phone with your technician they will make sure you place your equipment in strategic places to make sure your home is the most secure with the equipment you chose to get. If you find yourself missing a location not covered or that doesn’t have a sensor, your installation rep may send you one at a certain price, but your monthly rate will stay the same depending on what type of sensor it is. They will also have you name each sensor in the system so you know where each sensor is, and also program your designated codes to disarm the system. The Simon XT allows you to assign different codes to different people that will be using the alarm system.

Testing Home Security

Once you have installed your system you are ready to test. This means all equipment is up on the doors, windows, or walls where each item is placed. Your technician will now test the system with you over the phone. They will call the monitoring station to make sure your account is on “test mode” to make sure you do not receive any false alarms. The technician will now have you arm your system, wait till its armed, and then trip your alarm sensors. For doors and windows they will have you open each one to make sure we get an alarm at the monitoring station to make sure we get an alarm. If you have any motion detectors you will be directed to move in front of the device being that it is activated by heat and motion. Smoke detectors will need to be activated by the can of smoke Protect America provides to anyone who purchases smoke detectors. After testing all sensors the technician will go over all the signals received at the monitoring station to make sure all your sensors and system is connected properly.

After Installing

Now that your system is installed, tested, and you know how to use it; you can start using your new home security system from Protect America. Protect America offers over the phone and online support if you ever need help after this process. Also Protect America reminds all customers to test their system once a month to ensure connectivity and best practices. Basically Protect America offers a lifetime warranty on every single product they give you. Yes, that is amazing, but you need to make sure to do your monthly test because if you let your system go and decided to test only once every year than that shows you probably don’t take care of your system. It is kind of a maintenance routine that will make sure you are taking care of your system. Not only is it beneficial for your warranty, but also is great for yourself and your home to make sure everything is working great. Typically this monthly test can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes at the most depending on how thorough of a test you want to do.

Important Information

While being a customer you also want to call Protect America if you decide to change you home phone provider, internet service, or anything do with the way your alarm system is connected. If you decided to go with a Cellular Monitoring then the only issue you want to make sure to avoid is that if you decide to move, call your provider in advance to make sure your new address you will have a strong signal.

Communication is key when it comes to having a long contract relationship; and this goes with any home security company. Compared to a lot of different companies, Protect America by far makes it the easiest for you to get an alarm system and keep if for a long time. You definitely get your money’s worth.


  1. Free System/Free Shipping
  2. Easy Install
  3. Lifetime Support
  4. Lifetime Warranty
  5. Easy Process

If you are interested in getting an alarm system for free and to get your home secured fill out the form on the right with your contact info and a knowledgeable Protect America representative will contact you immediately. They will provide you with the proper information to get your home secured while making sure it is something you can afford it.