What separates Protect America from other DIY home security providers isn’t just our 25-year history of protecting homes and families, or the fact that we pioneered DIY systems. It’s that we provide customers with both monitored home security and a complete line of life safety products!

When people begin to consider Protect America home security systems, they may not realize that we go well beyond connected security equipment to keep you safe from intruders. We also feature a robust line of connected, fully monitored life safety products that keep your home safe from fire, carbon monoxide, and the dangers of extreme temperature and flooding. And it’s all connected: home security and life safety wrapped into one package!

Check out our equipment below and see for yourself.

Monitored Smoke Alarm

Our monitored smoke alarm uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke or fire and automatically alert the homeowner and fire department of a dangerous emergency. Industry standard is to place a smoke detector on every floor of the home, and inside each sleeping area so every individual in the home is alerted the moment smoke becomes present, giving everyone ample time to evacuate while emergency help arrives.

The Firefighter Sensor

The “firefighter” is a high-tech sensor that monitors existing interconnected smoke detectors for alarms and notifies the homeowner and fire department of an emergency. Put simply, this sensor listens for your smoke alarms’ signals and notifies your control panel. The firefighter sensor is the perfect tool for users who want to interconnect or “daisy-chain” their smoke detectors and fire alarms. It’s especially popular in newly built homes.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

We all know carbon monoxide is the silent killer. Our detectors not only monitor CO levels in the home and notify homeowners if they reach dangerous levels, they also pair with your control panel to alert fire officials who will be dispatched to your home immediately. It’s one thing for an alarm to sound; it’s another thing entirely for emergency dispatch to be alerted in time to save lives.

Disaster Sensor

The Protect America “Trident” disaster sensor is an all-around threat detecting machine! This inconspicuous tool is programmed to detect either extreme heat, extreme cold, or water leaks in the home, depending on how you intend to use it. With the disaster sensor, you will always be in-the-know regarding unusual temperature fluctuations or out-of-the-ordinary happenings at your home.

Why We Provide Life Safety Devices

Life safety devices inform you of dangerous emergencies and alert the proper authorities, just as our award-winning security systems do. We’ve combined the best of both worlds to provide a one-of-a-kind system that lets you rest easy from all dangers, whether intruder, smoke, fire, or water.

This one-two punch of protection with home safety and security ensures that your home has 360 degrees of protection. We aim to give customers protection inside and outside of the home, and the very best in the latest home automation technologies.

Customer Jeff L. from Nebraska said it best regarding his safety equipment:

“These are the type of products you buy and pray you never need. Having fully monitored protection is game changing. [You can] rest easy every night knowing you’re in good hands.”

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