Summer is here and we’re all getting ready for some pool and/or beach action! What better time to challenge ourselves to a weight loss contest? Superstars from all over the company made diet plans, exercised and hit the gym to meet their weight loss goals!

BEARly Believable Results

Over 168 employees took part in the challenge – each having their weight recorded every week by the company culture team. That’s not even the half of it! In total, Protect America team members lost over 1,000 lbs! That’s about the size of an adult male polar bear. Or an 8 month old baby elephant. Or two standard snowmobiles. Or a Blue Whale’s heart (apparently).

Speaking of heart… Protect America staff showed their fair share by dedicating themselves to health, fitness and positivity! The contest was based on who lost the most percentage of body weight and spanned eight magnificent weeks. As if conquering the world wasn’t enough, winners claimed cash prizes and store credits to health supplement store Nutrishop. Check out what these hot shots had to say about the experience!

Looking Good, Folks!


(1st place) Octavia Baez – Licensing Department

First place went to Licensing representative Octavia Baez. “Pushing myself to achieve this goal included early morning and late night workouts on the elliptical machine,” she said. “Plus drinking plenty of water and focusing on nutrition. I feel healthy, fit and full of energy! Losing weight and reaching our health goals together taught me that accountability, consistency, and having fun are essential to attaining our goals.”

Baez says she rediscovered…

  1. Exercise is truly essential to getting back into shape.
  2. Eating right will make you feel great.
  3. Staying focused and being positive nourish healthy habits.
(2nd Place) Jeff Butler - Licensing Department

(2nd Place) Jeff Butler – Customer Care Department

“It’s extremely difficult to finally commit to getting started,” said Senior Director of Operations Jeff Butler. “It takes a lot of willpower early on. After a couple of weeks really sticking to the routine, it becomes habit and gets easier from there. I’m very excited! My advice for someone looking to get in shape? Get started right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t even wait until dinner tonight. Get started right now and don’t allow yourself to make excuses. You can do it!”



(3rd Place) Brittany Ging – Account Services Department

Account Services representative Brittany Ging saw great progress as well. “I am very excited,” said Ging. “I was honestly quite shocked to have done so well, as I have never exercised a day in my life until this contest. It definitely took a lot of hard work and perseverance. After losing 26 pounds, I started noticing that my pants all became quite loose. This was a pleasant surprise since I had actual proof that all my hard work was going for something. My advice for others trying to get healthy would be to start off small. Any victory is a big victory!”

Bring it On

Protect America team members are some of the hardest working, most dedicated people on the planet! Not only do they protect homes and families with the every customer, every time mindset, they make time for fun work challenges too! This year’s weight loss contest is just one example of how Protect America headquarters becomes electrified with a “bring it on” attitude.

What are you capable of? Only one way to find out!