In Jan. 2018, Ed Cady will have an anniversary with Protect America. Anniversaries are often a celebration, and they’re common in the workplace. But for Ed Cady, a man who’s worked more roles at Protect America than the company may still support, the anniversary is special. Ed will be celebrating year 22 with Protect America. He has seen six presidential terms since joining the company, and he leads the first customer touch-point as the manager of inventory and logistics, which oversees Protect America’s shipping and building departments.

Ed’s responsibilities have included sales, telemarketing, administrative duties, purchasing, technical roles, fleet handling, and he even spent many years physically installing Protect America alarm systems for customers. His pride for the work he does reflects itself in those that work with Ed Cady. He leads the charge of the shipping and building team, a group that is dedicated to handling Protect America products with the utmost care. They are the hands that build every package that is sent out to customers.

It’s been an easy decision to stay at Protect America for so many years. Ed learns something new every single day. “The company has changed, but with those changes it gets better. I learn more,” he says. “I really enjoy the growth that I’m included in as part of all of that.” He’s constantly challenged, but in ways that have only positively impacted him and his career.

Over the years, Ed has helped trained and worked with many employees who have gone on to much larger roles within Protect America and outside of the company. Many of them come back to Ed and inform him of the lessons they learned working alongside him and his departments, and what the company taught them as a whole.

What Does the Shipping and Building Department Do?

Shipping and building handle all of Protect America’s products. They make sure all devices are programmed, tested, and verified for outbound shipments. This includes aiming to send shipments the day Protect America customers order them. The team is vigilant. They take care of of customers and send them the devices they need as quickly as possible.

The building department touches nearly every piece of Protect America equipment. They assemble the majority of these devices. This may include wiring equipment, placing decals on devices, putting them together, and more. Every Protect America order is custom. If a customer requests, for example, three door and two window sensors with three motion detectors, the building team will program the system for only those devices.

After programming, devices are tested to ensure that they work 100 percent by the time they leave the door. Part of the process includes replacing products or rebuilding devices. Each member of the team is cross-trained, so everyone moves around and works each position in the department as necessary. This helps build team camaraderie, and each member knows what each other is doing.

The shipping department ships out anywhere from four to nine hundred packages a day. This includes normal outbound systems, rebuild systems, and all Protect America peripherals. On average, a security shipment arrives anywhere in the continental United States within 2.6 days. The shipping department sends devices out to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ed is a focused leader that stands behind the mission to protect home and families.

Every Customer Every Time, and Every Team Member

Protect America lives by the company motto,”Every Customer, Every Time.” Ed notes that before this became the official slogan, the company had already operated according to the phrase. But the motto did install in team members that what Protect America does is important, and a critical part of the overall picture of protecting homes and families.

Ed is experienced and he’s a veteran in the workforce. He could do many other jobs, but he chooses to stay at Protect America. “Whether it’s myself or anyone at this company, we truly have a feeling deep down that we’re doing something good,” Ed says. “We’re doing something that’s going to help someone someday. Whether it’s just that warm fuzzy feeling that you have when you come home, you turn off your security system and your house is protected, or there’s an actual emergency and you have to hit that fire panic button, we get there. It’s something that you may not find in other positions and jobs.”

This attitude that highlights the importance of every single customer blends into how the shipping and building teams interact with themselves. They are a tight-knit team. They get along very well, and they have each other’s backs. Ed sees the culture at Protect America as one of the highlights of joining the company.

Ed says many of his team members work hard daily because they want to be here. They stand behind the company’s mission and feel good about it. And beyond that mission, Protect America aims to broaden what employees learn so that they can grow as people and within the company.

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