The fun of fireworks without the fire.

New Year’s Eve is a night celebrated in so many ways at every age! Whether you’re spending it with friends or family or both, we want to remind our communities this year to skip the backyard fireworks. They are exceedingly dangerous, and there isn’t really a completely safe way to set them off yourself. They are explosives and can cause severe burns and injuries. Every year, thousands of people are admitted to hospitals because of firework-related accidents. People lose fingers, limbs, and even their lives. It’s a tragedy for such awful things to happen as the result of what is supposed to be a happy and fun celebration.

So this year, we want to prevent those statistics from happening. We posted our New Year’s Eve fun and safe alternatives earlier this week. This morning, our Community Relations Representative, Tim Krebs, joined the crew on local Austin new station KEYE’s morning show, Wake Up with Allie & Chris.


From 4:00 AM to 7:30 AM, Tim demonstrated a different way to celebrate the new year every half hour. They had a blast while sharing this important and fun information. It’s like New Year’s came early!

Using alternatives to fireworks at home like party poppers, glowsticks, and piñatas makes New Year’s just as interesting and exciting for you, your family, your kids, and your friends. (Honestly, no one is too old for party poppers and confetti cannons.)


Just a few minutes before 7:30, they did a short segment with a countdown where Krebs went through all of the alternatives as quickly as he could with many of the morning show’s hosts. It’s exciting, funny, and lighthearted. Watch it now by clicking on the image below: