It’s important to know all of the details and specifics of any contract that you sign. You don’t want any of that fine print to come back and bite you down the line. If you haven’t noticed already, Protect America believes in transparency. We list all of our rates directly on our site and all of our salespeople are upfront about our costs and fees.

But contracts can be confusing, and sometimes it’s easy to miss details. So today we’re going over the promises and options you are given when you sign a Protect America contract (and we’ll point out tricky clauses that we’ve noticed in some of our competition’s contracts).

36 Month Contract

Protect America’s contracts last 36 months. This is standard in the industry; but we’ve seen some contracts from our competitors last up to five years! Every contract that Protect America offers our customers lasts 36 months.

Locked-in Rate Forever

The rate that we put on your contract is the rate we will keep for you forever. Many of our competitor’s contracts have verbiage in the fine print that allow them to raise your rate at any whim. You might pay just a couple months of a low rate they promise only to find that they’ve raised their rates to something significantly higher—and you’re still stuck in that contract!

Protect America will never raise your rate, even if we raise our rates for future customers, you will still pay the rate in your contract for as long as you stay with us.

Month-to-Month After Initial Contract

After the first 36 months are over, you will move to a month-to-month contract. This means that you pay for the month you’re being monitored, and you can cancel or change your contract or sign a new contract at the end of any month. Or you can stay on month-to-month for as long as you want.

This is actually not the standard in our industry. If you pay attention to most home security contracts, you will notice that many of them auto-renew the contract for another three, five, or however many years! Yes, years! In fact, we used to employ that policy as well. If you didn’t call in to cancel your service before the end of your contract, we would renew the contract for another three years. However, we have listened to our customers and have since changed our policy to auto-renew your service on a month-to-month basis rather than a years-long commitment. Unfortunately, not many of our competitors have followed our example.

Returns Accepted Within 15 Days

If you decide that the equipment and service does not work for you and your home, you can cancel your contract if you send back the equipment within 15 days of the shipment of the equipment. You will need to pay a $79 restocking fee.

No Stress Moving

If you move, your contract can easily follow you. Because our equipment is self-installed and wireless, you can simply take it with you as you change homes. We have an easy moving kit that will help you make the transition.

Account Transfer

If you sell your house and want to keep the security system with the house for its future occupants, it’s also possible to transfer your account to the new homeowners!

Option: Full Upfront Contract Payment

If you are interested, there is the option to pay the entire contract in full upfront rather than in monthly payments. It will be the same overall cost as making payments over 36 months. This is a favorable option for some people who don’t get their credit scores approved, since it is an available payment option for anyone, regardless of their credit score.

Choose Wisely

We understand that signing a home security contract is a big commitment, and the security of your property and family depend on a reliable home security system and service. Make sure you look carefully at the contracts that each home security provider offers to make sure that you fully understand the length, rate, policies, and options that you are afforded when you sign.