Moving is rarely an easy task. In between loading boxes, hiring a moving company or recruiting friends and coordinating schedules, there are many moving parts. This is only the beginning. Once a move is finished, it’s time to set up a new home, which may be a greater challenge than the move itself. Making a home comfortable takes time and planning, and setting up necessary devices should not be difficult.

This is why Protect America customers move for FREE. You save any further hassle while moving, and since our systems are DIY, you won’t have to schedule a technician to set up your home security systems. Here’s how it all works.

The Protect America Moving Kit

Protect America supplies our customers with a Moving Kit. This is the device we send out when a move is taking place, and receiving one is as simple as giving us a heads up on the relocation.

Customers begin by uninstalling their alarm systems from their old home. If any issues arise, they’ll be helped by trained technicians from Protect America. To request a moving kit, simply fill out this form on our website, and you’re free moving kit will be on its way.

Once you receive your moving kit and you take it to your new home, it’s time to get starting with the re-installation process. The moving kit will tell you all you need to know to install the system. You’ll simply need to contact customer service to update all of your account information and re-activate your system once it’s installed.

If you have any further questions about moving, reach out to our Protect America support team here or call us at 1-800-951-5111.

What if New Items are Needed?

This is a great question and a common occurrence. When homeowners relocate, they often realize they need additional equipment, or simply new equipment.

If you have devices that need to be replaced, or you want a new system entirely, we’ll do both of these tasks—for free. We’re here to get your new home protected as quick as possible.


Ordering a Moving Kit

For our basic Moving Kit, fill out the form on this page here. If you would like new equipment or a new system, chat with us online here or call our support team at 1-900-951-5111 and select option 4.

What’s inside of the moving kit?

  • New door and window decals
  • Screwdriver to loosen and remove security equipment from your current home
  • Cleaning pads to scrub surfaces before you re-apply sensors
  • Special adhesive to reattach sensors

We Make Moving Easy

Many security companies make moving difficult, notably other monitored security providers that either aren’t DIY or require difficult wiring and installation setups. No one wants to wait around for a technician to come install their security system. With our DIY system, you avoid all of those hassles, but retain monitored protection.

A wireless home security system with Protect America is an affordable way to secure your home. There are no installation fees, which are common with most security providers, and we make moving easy and free. Something as crucial as home security should always be stress-free.

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