We are please with our our interactive Protect America app SMART Connect is Protect America’s Interactive home security app. The application allows you to control your home security system and add features such as cameras right from your personal computer or smartphone.

The SMART Connect app is designed to enhance your home security experience and help you keep a closer eye on your home and family like never before.


Protect America App Features:

  • Arm/Disarm Remotely
  • Alarm Alerts via Text and Email
  • Check Alarm Event History
  • Pan/View/Zoom Camera
  • Control Lights & Lamps
  • Energy Control
  • Door Lock Control
  • Interactive Protect America App

Those are just a few features from the SMART Connect app. With such a busy lifestyle now a days, this app is perfect for anyone. Arm your system while on the go and the get the reassurance you need from checking your system while away to make sure its armed.

How to Get SMART Connect Protect America App

SMART Connect is an opportunity that comes when you purchase any of our broadband or cellular home security systems. Broadband and cellular are two different types of monitoring. These types of monitoring offer the technology that is compatible with the Protect America App.


Interactive Cellular Monitoring Security System

Cellular security monitoring is connected solely off of a cellular connection and GSM module that is built within the alarm panel. The system communicates with the monitoring station and the app completely through wireless means. This means no wires! As one of the best and most up to date advances in the home security industry, cellular monitoring is becoming the people’s choice.

Broadband Monitoring Security System

Broadband security monitoring is the only type of monitoring that can be connected directly through your internet. It’s typically connected directly into your router or modem. This type of monitoring is actually the fastest when it comes to contact the monitoring station. It sends a signal almost immediately when your alarm goes off, as long as the connection to your internet is live.

No matter which type of monitoring you decide to go with, Protect America’s SMART Connect App will work just fine with anyone those types of monitoring and our Simon XT security system.

For more information on how to get an alarm system and include SMART Connect, call the number at the top of the page or fill out the form on the right.

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