Protect America’s free smartphone app SMART Connect is bringing families closer together! Parents are using the app to disarm their homes remotely when their children arrive home from school and even use the app to check in on their families with interactive home security cameras. See the app’s family-friendly features below!

Instant Notifications

Parents can be alerted via push notification, text message or email when an alarm goes off, or even when a certain code is used to disarm the system. Since separate codes can be programmed into the system and assigned to different users, the app can be used to monitor a family member’s arrival. Know when your child is home safe!

Live Video

See live video of your home at any time with smart cameras that connect directly to the SMART connect app! Not only do the cameras stream live to your phone, tablet or computer, they record to internet storage when an alarm is triggered. This simple solution is another way families are staying more connected to their homes and eachother.

Home Automation

SMART Connect’s capabilities don’t end at security. Families are creating a home life that is safe and convenient. Digital door locks, lights and appliances are all controllable with the free app. Imagine never being locked out of your home again, lighting your living room as you pull in to the driveway and setting the alarm as you drive out of your neighborhood. It’s all at your fingertips!

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Cover photo by Jason Howie