Interview With Jenny Santiago, Chat Agent


In today’s world of texting, social media and internet communication, it’s clear that many of us prefer to connect digitally. That’s why Protect America offers a “chat” feature as a way to get a hold of security experts. From answering questions to testing your system and much more — our Chat team does it all. We caught up with Chat agent Jenny Santiago to learn more!


Do you consider yourself a chat ninja?

Yes, I do! I’m all over the place — constantly multitasking and helping people. Sometimes more than one at a time! I love what I do.


What does the Chat department do, exactly?

So many things! Troubleshooting, billing, installations, answering questions of any kind and generally helping customers. The only difference: we do it over Chat! Many people prefer to have their customer service needs met over the internet as opposed to calling a phone number. We’re living in the digital age!


If someone wants to connect with a Protect America Chat Agent, how do they get started?

It’s so easy! Just scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click the icon that says “LiveChat”. You’ll be prompted to choose between the Sales and Customer Service departments, and then bam! You’re up and running.


Do you find that there are times when customer service via Chat can be faster than a phone call?

Absolutely. Paying a bill – for instance – can definitely be faster. Setting the time on different devices too. I’ve also had experiences troubleshooting customers’ interactive technology and gotten them back on track in no time. Many people who Chat with us are also working at the time, so it’s an easy way for them to double task and get something done.


So can we call you a Chat and a double task ninja?

Yes! Yes you can. I’ve never thought of myself as a ninja, but the more you say it the more I like the sound of it!


Give us your best Chat story?

I had a customer just yesterday who needed some help with his home security camera and broadband monitoring. I recruited another customer care specialist to help troubleshoot his system and we straightened it out as a team! This was a special call for me because the customer was ecstatic at the end and asked for a link to a review page. It was a great feeling to know I made him happy and also to work with another security expert to find a solution! Should I be saying “ninja” instead of “security expert”?


Have you ever had a customer type “LOL” during a chat session?

Yes! I love when that happens! I’ve actually had customers recommend books, tell me they want to be a writer and all sorts of things about their lives. It’s sometimes unexpected but a nice surprise! Those are always my favorite customers.



Protect America Chat Team