Thanksgiving is a time to come together, celebrate memories and make new ones! Many of us will spend the holiday with our families, but what good is Thanksgiving if you can’t celebrate with your work family, too? That’s why we bring in a holiday spread from one of our favorite BBQ spots (this is Texas, after all).

As if that weren’t awesome enough, inspired team members bring their own desserts to share and create a feast that can’t be beat! Did we mention our executive team, led by CEO Scott Fleming, leads the charge by personally serving up turkey and all the fixin’s? How’s that for holiday cheer?

Frank Sinatra serenaded diners as a big screen TV fire crackled in the background

“Every customer, every time” is a familiar mantra around here. You can hear it in conversations, find it in emails, on team member desks and even in huge murals on the walls. It doesn’t just describe our attitude towards external customer service, however. Every Protect America team member is a customer of the company, too! We believe every event, every program and every bit of energy invested in the success of our team is absolutely an investment worth making.

CEO Scott Fleming dishes out turkey with the best of ’em

We’re thankful for our wonderful team who works tirelessly to protect homes and families across the country. They are what makes Protect America shine! We wondered, though, what are they thankful for?

… So we asked!


“Thanksgiving is such a wonderful and joyous time of the year. I have a wonderful support system that has molded me to the woman I am today. Without my mother and father I would be nothing. I have been able to blossom as a daughter by utilizing the skills that they provided me from the past and present. Next on my list would be my two children. There is nothing more beneficial than being a mother and seeing the growth and development they present. I have the opportunity to see my children each and every day and enjoy life together. There is nothing better than that! Lastly, I am extremely thankful to be able to grow in a professional manner. I have been given the opportunity to work on my self-development, recognize career goals, and develop a plan of action. Being able to achieve tasks that I have set in life whether big or small is something I pride myself on.

No matter how long or how far it may take before that goal is reached, I will achieve it! Happy Thanksgiving to all!”

LaQuala Thomas, Sales Workforce Manager


“I am thankful for my family, friends and coworkers. Every day these people make me smile and I am able to keep a positive attitude because of their encouragement and belief in me.”

Nickko Nunez, Sales Team Member

“I am grateful for my 3 blessings: my kids, my family and my job! Plus new friends in my work place. Oh, and did I mention I’m grateful for the feast Protect America has provided today?!”

Kirstie Membreno, General CARE Representative

Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or someone you love, we hope this year’s holiday is the best one yet. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Protect America!