Most movie-goers leave a viewing with questions of “what if,” or “why did the characters do that?” It’s very common to have critiques about what should or should not have been done while watching films.

In many movies, the homeowners or main characters could have really benefited from having a home security system. In some films a home security system would have changed the plot entirely. We take a look at four films that would have been a lot different with home security:

The Strangers

In “The Strangers,” a couple heads out for a weekend together at their vacation home in the woods. If we’ve learned anything from horror films, it’s that going to your getaway house in the woods never ends with a good result.

The couple goes on to be terrorized by a group of horror villains, and the movie is a subsequent ride of jump-scenes and frights. But if this couple had set up home security initially, they wouldn’t have had to deal with any of these issues. They likely would have been safe inside without any danger. The villains would have never entered the home or bothered the couple.

Fight Club

The story of “Fight Club” centers around a character who has split-personality disorder, and one of his personalities decides to light his home on fire. The lighting of the home sends the entire plot in motion.

But, if home security was installed and the character had fire protection, the entire plot could have never been set into motion. Without the fire we would have never had the long-series of events that followed and led way to the entire film of “Fight Club.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Just about everyone is familiar with this cult classic, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” where Ferris Bueller fakes that he’s sick so he can skip school and play hookie.

The film then focuses on the activities and adventure he embarks on during his day away from school.

But what if Ferris Bueller’s’ parents had home security? They would have received notification alerts that he was leaving the house, and he would have never been able to pull off his stunt. One of the parents would have quickly realized that he left the house and had faked the whole situation.

Every Spider-Man Movie

One of the unique plot points of the Spider-Man films is that Peter Parker is a high school student whenever he obtains his superpowers. This means that not only does he have to sneak out of his house to do his cape-crusading, but all of his equipment is kept inside of the home where he lives with his aunt and uncle.

If the Parker family had home security, they would have heard Spider-Man sneaking in and out of windows and doors. If they ever watched any footage, they might have actually seen Spider-Man himself in action. But we will give Spider-Man the benefit of the doubt, maybe he would have been sneaky and super enough to be able to shut off sensors in certain places.

Are there any films that you think could have been different with home security equipment? What films could have at least used some equipment, or the characters could have used it? Let us know on social media @ProtectAmerica!