The most popular day in online shopping is approaching — Cyber Monday. Holiday deals are flooding the web for the next month and a half until Christmas, starting with today’s Black Friday and Monday’s Cyber Monday.

Customers will be flocking to web pages across the internet to get steals from the comfort of their own homes. You can shop with your pajamas still on and covers still overhead, or if you have to, get in on the Cyber Monday action while you’re at the office.

There’s a number of home security and home defense deals, but many of them don’t compare to monitored security. Here’s five Cyber Monday options that don’t quite cut it:

1.Martial Arts

Many martial arts gyms provide holiday sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These deals allow customers to participate in various martial arts. They are beneficial for both mind and body, teach self-discipline, and of course, self-defense.

While martial arts is recommended and a useful tool for people of all ages to know, personal safety can’t substitute as a device for safety of the home and family. Attach your martial arts knowledge to a monitored home security system so that you can be covered in both physical and professional capacities.

2. Firearms

Likely the most popular non-home security tool for home defense is firearms. Major chains like Cabelas, Gander Mountain, and online sellers like SlickGuns have some sales that are active on Cyber Monday and the rest of the week.

These sales are rather good deals, but many of these weapons actually cost around the price of home security. With weapons you’ll pay large upfront costs, followed by large prices for ammunition and other accessories. If you have the extra funds to purchase firearms, we wouldn’t stray you away, but we do suggest opting for home security instead of the hefty firearm prices.

3. Swords and Weapons

When it comes to weapons, you’ve got options. Stores sell swords, nun-chucks, daggers, and various other tools that can be used for self preservation. Some of these are replicas of famous weapons from television or film, or they are original devices.

These devices may be fun as memorabilia, to frame on the wall, or as gifts. (Hopefully these aren’t actually being used for self-defense). But as lethal and exciting as these may be, we suggest straying clear of these weapons and keeping home security to the pros.

4. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a tried and true option for self-defense, and a tool that can be a useful aid for the home that’s worth keeping in a drawer or too. Places like Amazon and Walmart are offering sales on pepper spray devices that you could pick up on Cyber Monday.

While we wouldn’t suggest that these deals aren’t worth having entirely, you can still purchase them, but save some bucks and see what’s available in terms of home security. 

5. Garden Supplies

Maybe your approach is simple. You assume that if you tidy up the exterior of the home including your garden, backyard and the sides, you can keep the house clean enough to give the impression that the home is well kept and taken care of. You’re hoping that burglars will see the effort you put in and assume that home security or some sort of defense equipment is available from dealers like Amazon and others. 

There’s some great lawn equipment deals online, available for many of the supplies that you would need to care for the lawn and garden. Though we suggest to keep your home clean as an additional effort alongside your home security, a clean home alone won’t do the job. Combine a well-kept home with monitored security from the professionals.