Night vision cameras are impressive pieces of technology. While their primary function might be to collect evidence for any burglaries or break-ins that happen at nighttime or under low light, there are actually quite a few uses for night vision cameras if you approach it with the right mindset. Here are some examples that will make your day (or night)!

Furry Burglars

Not all burglars wear masks, but this one does. Caught on a night vision camera, this hungry raccoon sneaks into the house through the pet door and heads straight for the pet food. He manages to scoop a few handfuls of the stuff, but he’s soon interrupted.

That pet food is there for a reason. The house dog wakes up and comes to the defense of the food bowl, chasing the raccoon out. This burglar isn’t deterred for long, though. It sneaks back in for seconds later in the night, but this time, it’s the house cat that’s lying in wait.

If your pets have been making ruckus in the night or the pet food bowl is being depleted faster than usual, placing a night vision camera to surveil the area might bring you some answers and some laughs!

What’s the Baby Up To?

It’s a pretty common practice to keep a baby monitor or nanny cam in a nursery to keep tabs on your child or children. If you have a night vision camera, why not add that to the mix as well?

Children are curious and carefree. Capturing the activities they discover when on their own and unobserved (as far as they know) can be both enlightening and delightful.

This child has discovered that the texture and surface of their bed and blanket are very pleasing when rammed into with the force of gravity. Just watch; it’s cute.

Who’s Splitting Rent in Your Backyard?

If you’ve got some land in your backyard, there’s a good chance it’s frequented by many creatures in the night. If you ever spot a burrow or nest on your property, you could have some fun setting up a night vision camera to see who’s been visiting or setting up shop.

This homeowner owns land near some forest and trails. When they discovered a burrow, they trained their cameras onto it to see what type of animals were making this area their home. What they found was a surprising cast of roommates.

Something Stirs in the Night

Having trouble sleeping? Could it be a ghost haunting you while you sleep? Maybe you’re sleep walking or having some bad nightmares? It could be any number of things.

Let your night vision camera watch over you so that you can get to the bottom of the mystery!

This guy did just that, and the culprit was more familiar than he expected.

Whether you’re on the lookout for intruders (human or otherwise) or just simply curious about what goes on in the middle of the night, these night vision cameras are both useful and fun. Whatever you do, make sure to keep at least one camera online and in place facing a high traffic area, ready to capture evidence of any burglars of criminal intruders. Have fun and stay safe!