Cameras are one of the defining aspects of the 21st century. The rise of social media has made capturing moments a vital part of our everyday lives. Whether we’re using actual cameras, a smartphone, tablet, or home-security equipment, we’re sure to capture some truly special moments.

When the cameras are turned on for business and home owners, criminals are caught in the act, or even more outrageous moments are caught on camera. Here are five of our favorite moments from hidden cameras:

This Employee Caught Dancing 

We’ve all been there before. Whether it’s in the car while we’re in traffic, at the store when we thought no one was looking, or at home and the family walks in on you, we all love to get our groove on.

Sometimes you’ve just got to dance no matter where you are. Fortunately for us, this CCTV footage caught the best of this man’s grooves. If you’re already a shy dancer, this may make you think twice before unleashing your moves.

Coca-Cola Captures Some Special Moments 

This Coca-Cola spot that ran during the Super Bowl in 2013, captures some endearing moments from CCTV cameras across the globes. One of the moments includes an embrace from two friends after one startles the other, a stranger returning a dropped wallet, and other random acts of kindness.

This is a great example of all the feels a camera can capture, and a nice change of pace from the many burglary videos we often see online.

That’s One Way to Deliver 

This video doesn’t involve a burglary, but it captures one of everyone’s biggest worries whenever they have a packaged delivered to their home.

Every assumes their packages are handled with the utmost care, and if they aren’t? Well, at least we don’t usually have cameras to reveal the truth to us. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But this moment here shows one delivery driver using a throwing method to get a computer monitored delivered to the front door of a home.

Why’s there a Hole in the Floor?

This CCTV footage captured a woman working at a store and falling through an open door in the floor that a co-worker opened without giving her a heads up.

We can’t confirm whether or not the women sustained injuries (it was posted on the internet so we assume she’s okay). But this unannounced floor-door is one of our favorite moments caught on CCTV.

A Security Guard’s Failed Rescue 

A combination of a security guard and a CCTV camera is necessary for any establishment. CCTV will alert you of any mischief via lens, while the security guard patrols on foot to capture any wrongdoing.

But when one crook took off running with stolen good, this security guard fell a little short of the objective of catching him. (Literally fell short, because the only thing that was caught was the security guards body on a metal rail.)

The security guard made a great attempt at a potential rescue, but we guess it just happened to be this burglars lucky day.