The holidays are upon us. Deals abound for the next month and a half until Christmas, starting with the token day that takes place following Thanksgiving, Black Friday.

For some, Black Friday is a day for the family to venture out and enjoy some late-night, early-morning shopping, sometimes finding some truly unique steals. For others, Black Friday is an all-night event that begins the day before, starting by camping out the night before to be the first in line for a big deal. Others approach Black Friday sporadically and with vigor, like vultures attacking prey in the wild. And some avoid the holiday altogether.

Regardless of your opinion or participation, great deals are all around. Many of them in the home security sphere, including us here at Protect America. We’ve already unveiled our pre-Black Friday deals that you can see on our website. Stay tuned for the rest of our deals that we’ll be launching on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

But until then, we’ve come across five self and home defense options that just aren’t better than home security. As tempting as they may be, we recommend you choose the true protection and peace of mind that home security provides.

1. Firearms

Many homeowners look to firearms as their line of defense for self and home protection, and this Black Friday there are a number of deals floating around on the market.

Slick Guns has compiled a list from across the internet that puts together some solid gun deals. And Gander Mountain includes handguns in some of their packages. Concealed Nation has another list that compiles Black Friday deals online. And over at the Maker Group they are selling some firearm accessories.

These are great deals, and firearms are lethal. But we don’t recommend them as your substitution for security, rather a home security system that can alert authorities and offer you with the protection of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, fire and flood sensors, and other tools that aren’t available down any barrel.

2. Baseball Bats

When they have been taken off of home plate, baseball bats can be quite the tool for self-preservation. They’re heavy, can be swung quickly, and they’re mobile. We’re sure you’ve seen the type of damage they can cause to people whenever they break into the stands.

2016 Demarini Voodoo Raw Senior League Big Barrel, 2016 Demarini Nvs Vexxum baseball bat are some great bat deals available this holiday season, and Bat Reviews puts together deals from across the web.

Instead of opting for a baseball bat for security, we suggest keeping the bats for the game, and leaving the home to the professionals.

3. Swords and Weapons

One of the best trophy items, memorabilia, (hopefully nothing more because they’re extremely dangerous), is swords and weapons. Over at True Swords they have some great deals. Other sites online also featured deals.

Some swords look like replicas from famous films, and other unique weapons like nun-chucks, spears, knives, and more are available as well.

These may be fun to buy for a family member to place in a frame, but we don’t suggest letting security get placed in the hands of a weapon. You may not know how to use it, they’re lethal, and won’t fully get the job done.

4. Motion Detecting Lights

Motion detector lights are the most modest and passive forms of home security. These lights will alert you when someone or something is near the home or door, but other than a lighted-alert, nothing will happen.

Better Homes and Gardens is featuring discounts on their motion sensor lights, including some creative and unique options, like a motion sensor rubber duck. 

Once you’re informed of the activity that has presented itself, you’ll still be left to your own devices to figure out how to maintain the threat.

5. Martial Arts

Martial arts is a great tool for people of all ages. The various disciplines provide a physical relief, self-discipline, a healthy mind and body, and a tool to use if you’re ever in a situation that requires defending yourself.

Some martial arts schools we have seen online are providing deals for classes, equipment, or gear. We’ve seen some good discounts over at GroupOn as well.

Though martial arts is a valuable and recommended tool for people of all ages, we don’t suggest substituting it for actual home security.

Are there any deals you’ve seen on the web that are masquerading as home security but just don’t cut it? Let us know on social media!