Are you looking for some clever crafts to do with your kids this Hanukkah season? Or maybe you want some ideas for decorations around the house. We’ve put together a quick and easy list to bring the holiday spirit into your home!

Easy Star of David

All you need is some popsicle sticks! Paint them before gluing them together. Then, once they’re glued together, decorate them with anything you want—sequins, stickers, more paint, etc. If you want to be able to hang the star, just glue some string onto one of the points; you can even use a cheap hair tie for an easy loop. Hot glue typically works best for this project, so if you are planning on doing this craft with your kids, they will need supervision. Make sure that they don’t touch or play around the hot glue gun.

Glittery Gelt

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Grab your dreidels and make game time a bit more festive with this DIY glittery gelt craft. Your kids won’t be disappointed.

Minimal, DIY Menorahs

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If you’re looking for an easy and upcycled menorah, try something like this! Gather things you already have around the house—clothespins, mismatched candles, etc.

Festive Hanukkah Cards

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A fun, easy, and beautiful project that you can do with your kids is create these awesome Hanukkah cards. You probably already have most of these materials on hand! Find the tutorial here.

Dreidel Wall Art

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Another fun art project you can do with your children if you’re looking for some festive wall decorations can be created with this guide.

Happy Hanukkah!