Everybody ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time every now and then. Maybe the poor timing causes a shopping cart crash at the store, or maybe you accidentally walk into some water sprinklers. But some people’s poor timing means they end up being caught on camera — and thanks to modern technology — the internet.

America’s Funniest Home Videos and other shows have made entire programming out of capturing the fun, unfortunate, and rare moments that happen to others. In the same vain, we’ve compiled five of our favorite moments of people captured on outdoor cameras.

1. The Nest Squirrel

The Nest Cam captured something adorable on this go around, a small squirrel rummaging around one families back patio.

Fortunately the squirrels nut remained in tact and he didn’t cause any mischief with the giant tank of propane that is sitting in front of this families patio door. Maybe he event went for a swim after the camera cut to black.

2. FedEx Makes a Strange Delivery

FedEx is known for efficiency, precision, and making delivery easy for people. But in this instance, their delivery involved one families yard. Fortunately FedEx was precise enough — even while in a precarious situation — to maneuver itself through a few trees and arrive safely at its unintended destination.

3. Hurricane Irene Says Hello

Mother nature isn’t a joking matter. Those who live on the coast are well aware of the dangers and power that a tropical storm may have.

This particular outdoor footage captures a docked boat being torn away from its moorings by Hurricane Irene. This clip demonstrates some of the intensity of a tropical storm.

4. The Pizza Spill

When you order a pizza you trust that it will be delivered with caution and care. Sometimes it may arrive cold or incorrect, but other than that the process should go smoothly.

This security footage captures every customer’s worst nightmare — a pizza that has been dropped from it’s delivery box on the floor — followed by being placed back in its container.

This may make you think twice before you eat your next slice of delivery pizza, and you may even take a peak through your own home security system next time something arrives on your door step.

5. That’s One Way to Finish a Coffee

One of my personal favorite things everyday is getting a morning coffee. Without a doubt I’ll finish it. There won’t be a drop left. This gentlemen didn’t leave a drop in the cup, but unfortunately for him it meant he left the liquid all over a glass door. Remember to always double check that the foggy air you’re a approaching isn’t actually a glass door.

These moments above are fun reminders of the types of memorable accidents that can be seen via security footage. Do you have footage or any internet favorites? Share them with us on social media. You can find Protect America on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until then, keep your own eyes peeled for the sorts of mischief that may be happening around you on a daily basis.