The last few years have put the pedal to metal for smart home technology. DIY home security and home automation products have taken over the sphere of in-house technology. With the Internet of Things (IoT) and newer waves of technology, these tools are only going to ramp up and become even more connected, practical, and available to the general public.

On our blog we’ve covered many of the tools, devices, and products that have been available the last few years and throughout 2016, but how will the future continue to play out? And what will 2017 look like? Here’s five innovative smart home technologies we think are coming next, or will improve in the next calendar year. 


4K Television

This new tier of television technologies has gone by the terms 4K and Ultra HD. The technology provides a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

What makes this technology so incredible is that it’s resolution is four times that of your current 1920 x 1080 pixels HD TV’s.

So, if you were under the impression that your binge-watching on Netflix looked realistic already, 4K television will make you feel like you are actually a part of that Game of Thrones winter.

Smart Plugs

We’ve seen smart plugs emerge on the market already, mainly via iDevices, a product that turns on any plug through a voice command with Siri and a smart device app.

In 2017 we can expect more products like iDevice that will turn on plugs, appliances, and other tools with your smart devices. This product also leads into one of the next spaces of home technology that will likely be making some noise in 2017…

Voice-Controlled Home Automation

We’ve spoken briefly of the Apple HomeKit before, a home automation device that can be controlled via voice recognition technology.

The Apple tool uses Siri, and homeowners can interact with their house by talking to the smart voice.

This is only the beginning of what will likely become a home security sphere filled with tools that allow users to make voice commands for the home — whether they are actually physically present in it or still at the office. So, next time you need that coffee made before work and you forgot to automate it the night before, you can just give the coffee machine the command. 

Smart Washing Machines

In 2017 we can expect for anything that isn’t already automated to get automated. The trend of automation everywhere won’t be stopping, (probably ever).

One of the devices people want to have automated is their washing machine. We’ve seen the LG Twin Wash, which allows users to run multiple loads at the same time, including smaller or larger, more bulky loads. This means you can be washing towels at the same time that you are washing your whites.

Now, while this process doesn’t exactly automate washing entirely, it does make the task less tedious and suggests that better processes will happen in the future. This probably means any addition of automation features you can think of, like voice control and sleek smart app control.


Next Wave of Connectivity

What you can truly expect in 2017 is the next wave of automation and IoT technology. Everything that can be automated will continue to be, and these products will all come together via smart hubs, smart devices, et cetera.

This means home appliances, security, and other vital things to the house will be automated further — but you can also expect to see more connectivity that bridges your vehicle, watch, and even coffee maker. All your devices will likely begin speaking to each other and the industry will continue to make difficult processes more simple for the consumer.

Do you have any thoughts about what new technologies will be coming in 2017? Anything in particular that you hope to see? Let us know on social media!