We’ve all seen those films — the ones where there is seemingly no plot, character development, and the probability of what’s on screen is so far from real life that we have trouble enjoying what we’re watching (unless it’s a giant blockbuster motion picture that’s meant to portray the fantastical). 

On our blog we’ve previously explored heist films, and the genre has very noteworthy movies. Some even rank in the “best of” section of film altogether. These films can have ingenious plots that are reasonably believable, like the recent film, Hell or High Water that centers around a pair of West Texas bank robbers.

But we want to take a moment to explore the heist films that aren’t so good — or believable — and don’t make it onto the list of greatest heist movies of all time. (With that said, don’t take this too serious, these are still fun films and kudos to all of those involved in making them.)

The Natural Treasure Series

The National Treasure films are favorites for kids, families, and the internet community who loves to make memes, gifs, and icons out of them.

And even though these films are so much fun, it’s hard to take the plots too seriously.

“We’re going to steal the Declaration of Independence,” surely must be one of the more improbable statements uttered on film. We at least hope that the real life theft of national documents would never actually be that simple. This line however is a beloved quote, and National Treasure is favorite for many. 

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Indiana Jones flicks are other popular and extremely entertaining films for the entire family. These movies have stood the test of time, and anyone who’s visited various theme parks across the country has gotten a taste of the real life Indy.

But stealing the Ark of the Covenant? That seems a little challenging. Not sure if our friend Indy could even pull this one off (if he was real). So, due to the popularity and namesake, Raiders of the Lost Ark makes it on our list as second worst heist movie of all time. (Remember, we’re speaking in jest here, this is a great flick.)  

Spy Kids Franchise

This series follows two kids who end up involved in their parents’ espionage adventures. They are even accompanied by a family of spies.

The Spy Kids films are great fun for the whole family, and made by Robert Rodriguez who is actually known for many non-family friendly films. They make it on our list because of their fantastical nature, but it’s all in good fun, Spy Kids will surely be a pleasure. 

The Trust 

Nicolas Cage returns on our list — this time on a more serious note — in a heist film that didn’t actually perform so well.

This film was originally released on DirecTV (which isn’t ever the best sign), before it made its way to theaters. Elijah Wood also stars, and the plot centers around two cops who are investigating a drug invasion and stumble upon a bank vault.

Unfortunately the film received poor ratings, and we suggest steering clear of this one when picking out a heist film for your next bank-robbery based viewing.

The Last Heist 

This movie ends up on last on our list, because similar to “The Trust” mentioned above, it just isn’t very good.

Aside from the jest of our initial inclusions, this film received the worst rating on IMDB of all of the movies we mentioned. The plot of the film is based on a bank robbery that goes awry when a hostage ends up being a sought after serial killer.

The plot is intriguing, but the execution of it wasn’t exactly there. The heist film genre is filled with cinematic gems, but we suggest also avoiding this one during your next viewing.