With advancements in home automation and the internet of things technologies, many futuristic, tech-savvy homes have emerged. Some of these homes feature helipads, bullet resistant doors, windows and amenities, and of course, panic rooms. Others have taken their security features underground to bunkers.

This home tech is advancing rapidly, and there are incredible homes out there. We took a look at six famous houses with incredible home security technology:

1. Bill Gates’ Home

This home of famed Microsoft founder and former CEO, Bill Gates, has its own name, Xanadu 2.0.

The house is equipped with heated floors, driveways and walkways. Guests of the home wear pins around the house that allow them to access touchscreen panels that line the walls. The pins are then programmed with all of their preferences, including music, lighting, temperatures and more.

This house is located on Lake Washington in Washington state. By house, we mean that it’s actually a massive compound.

2. Maximum Security Mansion in Evergreen Colorado

This home is located in Evergreen, Colorado, about 15 miles west of Denver. The security system of this home costs $6 million, and the home is equipped with night vision and sensitive thermal imaging cameras that are present throughout the house.

The house also communicates if there has been a change in temperature or any maintenance issue. Similar to other home automated devices in the 21st century, this home’s cameras can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

3. Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago’s Smart Home

This home is attached to a museum at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It showcases integrated and sustainable living through green technology in everyday applications.

It has a contemporary design and stands to show people the “home of the future.” It even has storm water and rainwater management systems, fruit and vegetable gardens, an energy producing green roof, and much more.

It was originally only intended to last as a year long display, but due to its popularity it has stuck around.

4. The Wired Living Home 

This house was built and constructed by LivingHomes, and it’s the home for website Wired, called the Wired LivingHome. (Full disclosure: This home was a marketing project for Wired.com) 

This house has high-tech domicile that consists of fabricated pods. Even more remarkable, this house was put together in under three days.

The house is worth $4 million and it’s 4,000 square feet. It’s LEED-Certified and has all of the advancements in green and home automation tech. It’s also equipped with a seven foot server rack dedicated to all of the home automation and entertainment equipment.

5. Intel Tiny House

Tiny houses have been extremely popular in recent years, and this one takes the cake. This Intel tiny house can be controlled from anywhere in the world and senses any problems in the home. 

It’s only a total of 254 square feet and operates via connected technology through the internet of things. The house responds to voice control, and it can learn your living habits to make sense of your behavior. You even enter the house through facial recognition technology.


6. Wine Connoisseur Heaven


This home is $8.9 million and built just for the wine connoisseurs of the world. The wine cellar in the home can store up to 1,200 bottles, and everything is computer-operated with a climate control system.

Though this home isn’t the most tech advanced in terms of security, the wine connoisseurs of the world would love the innovation it provides.