Burglars aren’t always the brightest of the bunch. Now that CCTVs are prevalent in businesses and even some homes and neighborhoods, many of their ridiculous tactics and exploits are caught on camera. Beyond the obvious benefit of being able to use the footage to help police identify the burglar, these videos also provide some comedic relief to an otherwise upsetting and tragic topic.

Stealing the Camera That Films You

CCTV grab of two men police are looking to find. Two bearded burglars, who stole phones, jewellery and cash, have been caught on CCTV - stealing the CCTV camera. See NATIONAL story NNBURGLE; The hapless pair thought they had got away with it when they spotted the small mobile camera and swiped it - but did not realise their break-in was captured on film and uploaded to the cloud. Police were called to the address in Worcester Park in south-west London on July 3 after the home-owner was alerted to the break-in by his home-security system. Now, the cops are keen to track down the bungling burglars and are urging anyone who recognises them to come forward.

SWNS – London

Two London crooks were burglarizing a house in southwest London when they realized a small camera recording them. They cautiously approached it to take a look. To be safe, they swiped the camera along with the rest of their loot in order to cover their tracks. Little did they know that the camera was already recording them (and their inquisitive faces) and uploading the footage to the cloud. 

Now the cops have some clear shots of their faces and persons.

Don’t Drink and Steal

For many, the effects of alcohol can turn people into the worst versions of themselves. A burglar in Manchester drunkenly stumbles up a flight of stairs in an office building. He manages to find an office to break into and steals a couple of laptops. As he turns to leave, he throws a middle finger up at the CCTV and leaves.

Good Enough to Fool the Burglars

A couple of wannabe art thieves waltzed into a luxury hotel to steal seven of the hanging art pieces in the building. However, while some fine art pieces do hold high value in many wealthy establishments, the pieces the burglars stole were all imitations or replicas of originals, none of them originals themselves. Thus, they are each not worth much at all.

The hotel manager stated that the damaged they caused in breaking in and accessing the paintings exceeds the actual worth of the paintings themselves.

Blankie Burglar

Still of Video by Counties Manukau Police

Still of Video by Counties Manukau Police

When you think “undercover,” a man hiding under a kiddie blanket isn’t always what comes to mind. For this burglar in New Zealand, the kid’s duvet would be used as his cover of choice, literally, as he crawled around the house, stealing jewelry and cash from here and there.

Back for Seconds

A burglar with an affinity for dance floors burglarized a bar twice in the same night. He was first captured on CCTV crawling across the dance floor around 8:30 pm with a bag stuffed with cash. Then, later that night, he returned with an associate to steal a safe from the bar. With two chances to recognize the man on camera, the police quickly caught and charged him.


Watch Me Watch You

Nicknamed “Creeper Ghost,” this hooded burglar broke into the house of a couple who had fallen asleep on their couch. Not only were they ghostly enough to keep from stirring either person or their two dogs, this burglar was also creepy enough to stare at the sleeping couple from the upstairs railing for five minutes. He goes away to look for more stuff to steal before coming back again and lingering over the couple for five minutes.

When the couple realized that a few things were missing, they reviewed the recorded footage and were thoroughly creeped out.

Faceplanting Flop

Not only was this Russian burglar caught red handed and charged for the crime, the pittance he stole, and the damage he caused, he was thoroughly embarrassed with the CCTV footage of his attempt to steal a small safe from a metro station. He wrecks the desks around the safe when trying to pry the safe away from the cabinet and crack it open with a crowbar. Failing that, he jumps up and down on the safe to dislodge it, causing more destruction. He grabs the safe and makes to run out, but he trips over the rubble and falls on his face, nearly breaking his own neck. The ultimate prize? Just 3,500 Russian roubles, or about $54.

Milkshakes Bring All the Burglars to the Yard

Everyone loves milkshakes, and burglars are no exception. This north London burglar chose a milkshake shop as his target. He gets right to work stealing money from a safe and a TV, but not before refreshing himself with a milkshake.