A laser security system may immediately call to mind a movie where the thief has to carefully work their way through a tangle of lights. In the scene, they’re flipping around and contorting their body in grotesque ways in order to avoid setting off the alarm. But how exactly do they work, and is a laser security system worth it for your home? Find out more about what they do to protect your home and how they do it.

The Components of Lasers

The first thing you need to know about the laser system is what exactly it’s made of. The laser itself is the light source that stretches out around your home to protect it. Much like in the movies, it’s a small band of light. The detector and the sensors work together to activate the alarm when anything disrupts the laser. When the laser beam is interrupted for any reason, the voltage of the laser changes which then triggers the sensors to send out a warning.

“Because laser light doesn’t spread much, you can send it a long way and still have enough energy in a small area to trigger the security system detector,” says Richard Gaughan, contributor to the Photonics Spectra publication.

How It Works

A laser isn’t like a regular source of light in that it’s far more concentrated. When you turn on a flashlight, it floods the surrounding area with light, but when you turn on laser, it’s a narrow pinprick that stays the same throughout the course of its journey. This means that it can travel much further than regular lights because it’s not using up as much energy to stay activated. You can also set your own preferences with laser security systems, letting laser light in and blocking any background light out.

How to Protect Your Home

To protect your home, you should be placing the laser in one corner and then the detector in the other. This gives you the highest level of coverage around the yard, which will give you a heads up about anything that’s out there that shouldn’t be. You should also have the laser security system in the front hall of your home as well. This can be done by using mirrors to reflect the lasers to ensure there’s all-over protection. If the beam is interrupted for any reason, you’ll have that many more seconds to get your family to safety.

Additional Factors

There are a variety of different systems that you can get when it comes to laser protection. Some even come as DIY kits that simply buzz when there’s any type of disruption. Some are extremely complicated and include the automatic alert of law authorities. Others are rudimentary and will only give you more time to prepare yourself for whoever may be on your property. Just remember that it’s always better to have some form of protection rather than none.

If you have any other questions about how to get the best protection for your home, it’s time to call Protect America for a free quote. We can help you decide between different types of security system so that you always feel comfortable and confident with whatever choice you make. Look to us as the experts in home security!