We all have had the experience of walking through a neighborhood and getting barked at by a dog in the yard, or approaching a friends house only to be attacked with barks from the dog that’s inside of the home.

Dogs as deterrents — at least audible guardians — seems to be universal. But are dogs the best pets for home security?

We take a look at the most likely option for home security guard animals, and leave it up to you to decide which one is the most likely to ward off an intruder.

The Options

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are the most obvious choice for home security guards. The most popular breeds for protection are German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman, Mastiff and Pit Bulls, or dogs that are large and capable of being trained or simply scary enough to ward off criminals.

Small dogs aren’t usually ones to act against a burglar or make a violent attack on a suspect, but they will be able to give you an audible warning. They make it known that a burglar, stranger, or guest is coming towards the home.

Get the Geese

Geese are said to be extremely territorial and a popular suggestion for families that have bodies of water outside of their homes. (Though we don’t imagine that many families have motes or anything similar that surrounds their home.)

Geese are loud, alert, and make a number of noises anytime they they see or hear an intruder. Many geese will actually chase after humans that they don’t recognize. They end up being rather fearless when it comes to protecting their property, territory, or the humans that they begin to associate as their flock.

Scotland uses geese to defend their whiskey warehouses, and in Europe geese are the animals used to guard military facilities.

Saved by the Swan

Many people are surprised to hear that animals known in fiction film, literature, and other popular media for their beauty are actually a rather protective creature that’s capable of defense capabilities.

Swans are similar to geese. They operate in relatively the same way. They make similar loud noises and have an aggressive nature to them that makes people think twice about entering a property. The fact that these animals are so attractive could be the added bonus you need to choose them for protection.

A Pair of Honorable Mentions

Guinea fowl are animals known for making plenty of noise, but also attacking and guarding against pests in the garden, animals that wander into the property, and they even surround their prey like a flock attack.

Many people might assume that it’s a joke to hire llamma as your home protectors, simply due to the look of the animals, but they’re actually one of the best options to protect livestock.

People in the Britain and the US are known to get llamas to protect their sheep and goat herds. So, if you’re a farmer and need to protect livestock from animals like coyotes, foxes, stray and wild dogs, or you live in a property that would allow llamas (unlikely), these are a great option for your needs.

We believe that you should always opt for an all-encompassing home security system to protect your home and family. Man’s best friend are good options to help keep an eye on the home, but no animal will be able to substitute as a defense for home security, unless you’re able to get your hands on a grizzly bear, lion, elephant, or something of significant size.

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