The night has fallen. It’s Christmas Eve and families are tucking their kids into bed. Meanwhile, Santa has fired off into the night with the reindeer. They’re approaching Ireland, eager to make their first stop on the Christmas gift tour. Santa enters a home once the family has fallen asleep, and instead of milk and cookies on the counter, he finds Guinness pudding?

The Irish are known for opting out of milk and cookies for their own alcohol-infused treat, either using Guinness or Irish Whiskey as the blend. This is one unique holiday tradition, and every country has their own.

In Norway, men fire their guns when nighttime arrives on Christmas Eve, which isn’t the safest thing to do, we greatly encourage not doing such. And in the capital of Spain, Caracas, the streets are closed so people can Rollerblade to church. Countries such as Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala light fireworks to celebrate the holiday. Celebrations, traditions, and decorations vary in each country, but what do the homes look like?

The Christmas Tree

Some people believe that the Christmas tree was invented by Martin Luther King, the protestant reformer from the 16th century. After being invented, it’s believed that German immigrants took their traditional Christmas decorations to the United States.

In the 20th century, Christmas trees were dressed with food. This included cookies, apples, nuts and popcorn garlands. And in Bavaria, straws are tied into festive shapes as tree decorations, while in Germany many people use lit candles to decorate the tree. (This is a fire hazard. We highly recommend avoiding, especially if you have a natural tree that is prone to drying out.)

And in Australia, Christmas takes place in the summer, so people often use decorations that are relevant to the summer months, this includes decorations from nature like seashells. More strangely, people in the Ukraine use fake spiders and spiderwebs on their trees. This is seen as a sign of good luck for people in the Ukraine.

The Light Displays

When it comes to the homes, we’ve noticed that many countries are rather similar. Extravagant light displays are common throughout the world, whether that’s a trail of lights, or lighting that adorns the home. It appears that lighting displays are universal across the globe.

Some houses do truly stand out, however. The Garabedian home in the Bronx, New York, is known for its displays of mannequins and characters accompanied with music. It’s truly a sight to see.

While in Berkshire, UK, Vic Moszczynski put on a world famous display that raises money for charity, same with the Bernhard and Michaela Nermerich family in Kelkheim, Germany. Hosting extravagant light displays in an effort to raise money for charity is very common in European countries.

The Dailisay Family home in the Philippines stands out as a home that is thoroughly wrapped with Christmas lights, and the Slayer Christmas house makes its mark as the premiere heavy metal inspired Christmas home.

Regardless of the country, Christmas is universally celebrated with immaculate decorations and displays across the globe.

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