“Can the best home security system around keep out one of TV’s greatest secret agents?”

Perhaps that was what Seattle resident David Stolte was thinking when he burglarized an apartment, was caught by police and admitted he thought that he was Jack Bauer from the hit FOX TV show, “24.” You won’ t believe some of the details of this story, and it serves a good lesson that Seattle residents can benefit from having the best home security system to protect themselves from bizarre cases like this one.

Jack Bauer On The Loose In Seattle, WA? Can the Best Home Security System Save You?

As KIRO 7 in Seattle first reported, Derek Doerschel and his fiancee Danielle Green came home one Sunday to find that their Seattle apartment door was ajar. What Derek found when he and Danielle entered into their home was nothing short of shocking. Screens were torn off of windows. Food was thrown all over the kitchen floor and kitty litter was in the sink. The peephole on the front door had been ripped off and taken. Then there’s the strangest detail in the whole burglary – Derek’s credit cards had been removed from his wallet and stuck in a chocolate muffin. What’s more disturbing? Finding your credit cards stolen, or finding that someone took your credit cards only to stick them in a nearby pastry?

Doerschel went outside as he was calling the police and noticed a man in the alley next to the Seattle apartment complex. The man threw something at him. It was the missing peephole taken from the apartment. Police arrived and apprehended the suspect – David Stolte, 30 – who implied that he was on LSD and that he was also Jack Bauer, the lead character played by Kiefer Sutherland on “24.”

It’s impossible for anyone to be completely prepared for a burglary – especially one from a known famous secret agent. But could the best home security systemkeep even the greatest spies away? Let’s see.

The Best Home Security System When Preparing For The Worst

Let’s say our friend Mr Bauer wanted to break-in through the front door. If Derek and Danielle had Protect America’s Z-Wave Door Lock, forgetting to lock the door would have been a problem of the past. You can lock your front door from anywhere using your smartphone and keep the Jack Bauer’s of the world out. Then, when it’s locked, you’ll be safe knowing this steel deadbolt can keep even the most determined thieves away.

When the door doesn’t work, Jack heads to the window. If he tries to open a window, our window sensors will notice that the window is ajar and sound the alarm and notify the police nearby – all while letting you know what’s going on via your smartphone. If he breaks the window, our glass break sensor won’t let him get away either.

Doors and windows are out, so Jack uses vents, the chimney – whatever he can get his hands on. Luckily, our motion detector will detect both heat and movement to make sure that if Jack finds a way into your apartment or home, that he won’t be there for long.

Even in strange cases like this one from Seattle, you can be prepared. The clock is ticking – will you protect what matters most?

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