Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they aren’t man’s best home security option. Though your furry friends keep you company and put up a good front of being tough and full of defensive application with all of their barking and howling, they notoriously fail as tools for home security.

When it comes to protecting your valuables and keeping out burglars, we suggest opting against the pooch. This is why: 

Most Dogs Don’t Know How to Attack

There are dogs that instinctively know how to attack. Military, police, security, and government dogs have gone through the proper training to attack a threat and protect their owner. But for the majority of us, our dogs aren’t tactically trained, though they can be if that’s something you seek out.

This is assuming you have a dog that can receive training and apply it. Chihuahuas for example, would not be the best home defense dogs even if they were tactically trained.

Furry Friends Can’t Notify Authorities

Even in the event that you have an animal that is above par as a guard dog and can injure a burglar, the burglar may still be able to get into another room and away from your animal.

If the burglar is able to get away from the animal, he’s scot free to stealing whatever he wants in the home, because unfortunately, your dog can’t call the police for you. Maybe your neighbors will hear unusual barks and a wrestling match between dog and burglar ensues, but unless you have a talking-dog, you’re out of luck.

What If Your Dog is Away?

If you’ve opted for a dog in place of a home security system, you’ve chosen an option that won’t always be at your house.

What will you do if your dog is on a mini-stay at a relative’s house? What if the dog is at the vet? What if you’ve taken the dog on a walk? Savvy burglars monitor the schedules of home owners so they can strike whenever no one—or no animal—is home.

Don’t choose the option of a home security guard that isn’t watching their post at all times, because that means they aren’t fully doing their job.

Pick the Pros

As much as your furry friend does a good job at acting tough, the odds of him getting the job done are pretty slim.

Among other things, your pet pal can’t record video of events, alert authorities, and you could actually be putting them in danger by counting on them for home security protection.

Many burglars are equipped with weapons when they enter the home, and if your dog is the only line of defense, it’s possible that they risk serious injury or worse.

In future posts we’ll explore how dogs could be an addition to home security, but we never recommend choosing a pooch—or any animal—over an all encompassing home security that is monitored by the professionals.

Remember: dogs can’t protect against carbon monoxide, severe weather, fires, or other home hazards that are covered by all encompassing home security.

We leave you with dogs terrified by cats to give you an example of their defense skills. Via Youtube: