The insanely popular show has been seen on a number of different channels and platforms since it ended. From syndication to clips to indirect references, it continues to delight new audiences everywhere. But is the show’s next role going to be the door sensor of your home? You may have seen or heard of people getting door sensors that play Seinfeld, and thought that this was something you could get into. So is it a real option for you? What’s the deal with sitcom door sensors?!?

It Is (Sort Of) Real

So, the real answer is that these door sensors are sort of real. No, you can’t go out and buy a door sensor with Jerry’s voice pre-installed, and it won’t tell your guests they have man-hands as they enter a room. But if you love the sitcom riffs that play intermittently throughout the season, you can use a few technical skills to hack a door sensor to play the music when people come in and out of a room. And when we say a few technical skills, that means be prepared to write at least a little bit of computer code. This special type of door sensor is especially recommended if you happen to have a friend that can’t seem to open or close a door without jerking his arms, legs, and torso (as if it were a full-body dry heave set to music.)

What It Takes

Setting up the door sensor is not super difficult to master, but you’ll need at least a few tools before getting started. A magnetic door reed switch, MP3 shield, and some type of prototyping platform to control the electronics are necessary equipment to finish this project. Seinfeld door sensors fell into the public eye when a college student got the idea into his head. He started out with the admirable dream of wanting to make his friends laugh, and he’s pretty satisfied with the results. He happened to have an extra Arduino (a specific type of platform) board available, and it took him about a month of tinkering with it in order to rig it up. Now when people enter his door room, he’s alerted as soon as they cross the threshold. (Though he’s probably just as likely to be alerted by his guest’s giggles.)

Lighten Up

Home security is a serious topic, on a number of levels. It’s all about safety for physical property as well as safety for the people inside. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or dry. Those who really understand home security know that it has a time and a place for alerting owners to potential threats. But if it can also make legitimate guests smile or laugh, then it seems like there’s really no harm to that. Here are just a few more advantages that you’ll get by taking on this project:

  • You’re unlikely to have a lot of competition
  • Die-hard Seinfeld addicts will love you for the rest of time
  • Newbies will be introduced to the beauty and the wonder that is Seinfeld
  • You won’t ever get tired of hearing your door sensor (Note: this may be a lie.)

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