Securing your belongings, family, and the home is the number one priority of a home security system. But after the important business is taken care of, there’s some very unique and alternate ways to take advantage of the new gadgets that reside in your home. This list will help you better understand 8 wireless security cameras uses.

Whether you’re trying to play a prank on the kids, make practical use of the equipment or get creative, there’s sure to be an alternate home security camera use that’s right for you. Here’s eight of our favorites:

1. Monitor Babies, Newborns and Children

Before our list takes a turn for the more lighthearted side of things, we have to mention that home security systems can be used for very practical purposes outside of burglary prevention. Some of these purposes will also relieve stress for families. 

Cameras can be used as a check-in system for parents to keep up with babies, newborns, or even older children who may be outside playing. This can give parents needed time to catch up on work or hobbies while keeping tabs on kids. 

2. Check in on Older Family Members

Another vital use of home security equipment is to use the tools to check in on older family members who may have an illness or need an occasional helping hand.

Home security equipment can be used to make sure they are okay, use two-walk talk to check up on them, or even send reminders about medication or other important reminders that might have been forgotten.

3. Wake Your Kids Up for School

Waking the kids up for school every morning isn’t one of the more exciting things that parents are faced with doing, but home security equipment can make the task a lot easier.

Through the equipment you can send an alarm to your kids or simply use the two-way talk feature to give a verbal wake-up call whenever the time is right.

4. Spy on Your Pets

Pet owners are always wondering what their furry friends are up to whenever they leave the home for the day. Is your dog lounging around until you return, or is he secretly chewing on your belongings? Is your cat playing on the new tower, or maybe he’s just adventuring around the house? 

Regardless of their entertainment activity of choice for the afternoon, with your security cameras you can take a peek and see exactly what it is your pets do when you’re gone. You can even take some screenshots or save the photos and videos if something funny happens on camera.

5. Keep an Eye on the Garden

Sometimes there’s rodents, insects, pests, or maybe a stray animal that swoops in and reeks havoc on the garden. Maybe you haven’t been able to solve the problem, but it’s starting to cause a problem and your plants are getting eaten.

Use your equipment to keep a watchful eye on the garden and finally put a face on the suspect that’s calling your garden home.

6. Use it to Enforce Rules

Are your kids (or spouse) constantly sneaking into the pantry, candy drawer or other areas of the house that have rules and need to be avoided?

With home security cameras you can enforce these rules and make sure no one is sneaking around where they shouldn’t be.

7. Capture Moments Around the Home

As long as the family knows that the cameras are still on, home security equipment can be a quick and efficient way of capturing moments around the house, during holidays, or any other gathering that would otherwise require a camera.

Your equipment can capture photos or video, so some funny candid moments are sure to be head as long as the cameras are rolling.

8. Play Pranks

Last but not least — maybe even the funnest way to use your equipment — home security cameras can be used to play pranks on unsuspecting family members or guests. Using alarms or two-way talk features you can startle people when they are least expecting it.

Additionally, if you have any automated equipment you can take this a step further — thanks to cameras abilities to capture photo and video, you can even capture these moments to keep them forever. 

Do you have any additional ways that you use home security equipment? Let us know on social media!