Fortunately, Drake’s break-in didn’t escalate from 0-to-100 real quick. 

An intruder was found entering Drake’s Southern California house, but the woman didn’t do any damage, she simply indulged on water and sodas. There was no evidence anything else was taken from the home.

This isn’t the first celebrity to have their home broken into—so we have to chime in—what could Drake and other celebrities do differently?

It Starts at the Front Door


Like we’ve mentioned before, 34 percent of burglaries happen via the front door. It hasn’t been confirmed how Drake’s intruder entered the home, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the front door was left open, unlocked. 

Protecting a home starts at the front door. This means installing motion sensors to alert of movement, and having a video camera that is aimed at all the activity taking place on doorsteps. If anything is to occur, you’ll be immediately notified by your equipment and smartphone application. 

Monitored Home Security


The definitive way to keep a home safe from burglary is to install monitored home security equipment. Monitored security means that users not only receive push alert notifications and have the ability to use home security applications to check on their homes—all the conveniences of modern life—but they are also connected to a central monitoring station.

Connection to a central monitoring station means that authorities will be alerted as soon as they are notified of a security event. Police, fire, or medical responders will immediately respond to an emergency event. This is much different than unmonitored home security that relies on a user receiving a notification and then calling the police department themselves in the event of a break-in.

Signs Promoting Security Equipment


One of the best deterrents for a break-in is signs that notify potential burglars that home security is present on a property. Home security signage informs these would be criminals that they will be met with security measures that could catch them and expose them in the act.

In addition to these signs, homeowners can place signs that let burglars know of dogs, and other deterrents. Burglars are less likely to act on a house that is armed with home security and pets that will interfere with their burglary plans.

Neighborhood Watch Group


Neighborhood watch groups are the eyes and ears of a community. They impact home security efforts by watching your home whenever you’re away and don’t have the ability to keep an eye on your property.

In addition to serving as an extra measure for home security, if you have a neighborhood watch, you can add signage to your home that promotes your community serves as a layer for home security. This is an added layer of protection that most burglars won’t want to mess with.

Remember: nothing beats a burglar like monitored home security equipment. Burglars don’t want to target homes they know have the potential to be armed, and if you add additional safety measures, they’ll be even less likely to attempt a break-in. And if they do attempt a robbery, through monitored security they’ll quickly be met by law enforcement.