Everyone knows the feeling of sitting in a movie theater hoping that a character in a film will make a different move, take a different route, or think ahead of a certain situation. Sometimes we’ll leave the theater as viewers with “what-if’s,” or “imagine if” scenarios that would alter the plot of the film we just saw.

Some movies use video surveillance as s central or important plot point, but what about those that don’t. What films could have been drastically different if the characters would have chosen to use some home security equipment? And how different would those plots be? We take a look at eight films that change with home security equipment involved:

  1. When a Stranger Calls

This horror film focuses on a babysitter who begins to receive threatening calls from a stranger. The babysitter does her best to keep the stranger on the phone in an attempt to have his calls traced by the police, and the twist of the film comes when we realize that the stranger is actually inside of the home.

But we’ve got to wonder, what would have happened if this house was equipped with home security? Surely a sensor would have been tripped somewhere, or some motion alerts would have let the babysitter know that an intruder had entered the house and been caught on camera. The entire plot may have been rattled with home security, or the babysitter would have learned via push alerts that someone was in the home. 

  1. Scream Series

Another horror series comes in on our list, the Scream series. The Scream films draw inspiration from other famous horror classics, including the premise of When a Stranger Calls, where residents within their home receive phone calls from a stranger who asks questions pertaining to horror films, before eventually doing wreaking havoc. 

Like When A Stranger Calls, the villain and film itself may have been unraveled had any of the homeowners had home security equipment. If that were the case, Scream may have ended after the first film instead of making its way to four separate films.

  1. Monsters Inc.

We’ll take a turn away from the horror genre for a pair of Disney Pixar films on our list.

This popular Pixar film is about a monster society that generates its power by scaring kids. A pair of monsters, Sulley and Mike Wazowski, find themselves in a tricky situation when one of the kids enter their town of Monstropolis.

If home security were involved, the parents may have known much sooner that their child had vanished into Monstropolis. Or, they may have even encountered the monsters themselves, had Sulley or Mike accidentally tripped a sensor or gotten in view of a camera in the home. They Monsters weren’t supposed to leave the bedroom, but the child in the film is rather young, and it isn’t out of the ordinary for parents to use cameras to check on their younger kids.

  1. Toy Story

This classic Pixar film is one of the most popular animated films Disney has put out. The story revolves around the famous characters, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, accompanied by their gang of toys. Little does their owner know, Andy, that once he leaves the home the toys come to life.

But imagine if Andy had set up a camera in his room for security. Or maybe he had a sensor in there just in case. Would the toys have a trick up their sleeves to turn off of the alarm, or would Andy have found out his toys actually had a mind of their own?

5. Home Alone

This cult classic holiday film tells the story or Kevin McCallister, a young kid who gets left home by himself when his family goes on vacation.

You’re probably extremely familiar with this film and the sequels that followed, but could things have been different if Kevin had home security equipment available? Maybe his pranks would have been more intense, or maybe he would have never gotten the opportunity to do any of his pranks because police officers would have responded after some tripped wires or sensors.

With any of these films we won’t truly know how home security could have changed things, but it’s fun to speculate. Next time you see a film whose plot centers around the home, see if you can find any plot points that could have been different had the home been equipped with security.

Do any films come your mind? Reach out and let us know on social media!