Everyone wants to be safe, secure, and have peace of mind. These are universal needs. But some houses — or presidential residences — have home security that truly stands out from the rest.

We take a look at five homes, and an honorable mention that are some of the most guarded houses in the world.

KWK Pomes, Zombie Bunker

Bunkers and underground shelters aren’t anything new. These fixtures have housed politicians, ordinary citizens, and even criminals for years. (Those who live in Tornado prone areas have basements and underground shelters of their own.)

But this house built by Robert Konieczny and KWK Pomes is unique. During the day it appears to be your ordinary home, but once night falls, a large steel gates cover the windows and entry points to guard from

During the day it looks like an ordinary home, but once night falls, a large steel gate and and large steel blocks slide over the home to guard it from an intruders. Or like the homeowners intended, to guard from a zombie apocalypse.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Palace in London, England is one of the safest places on earth. This palace worth over a billion dollars is guarded at all hours of the day by British Army soldiers that are on foot and horseback. They are posted inside and outside of the Royal home.

Buckingham Palace is even outfitted with panic rooms that are made of 18 inches of steel and built throughout the entire building to protect the royal family. This means there must be an incredible amount of panic and steel rooms, considering Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, over 1,5000 doors and 700 windows.

Fair Field Estate in the Hamptons

The Hamptons in New York is known for being extravagant and lavish, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most expensive and secure homes in the entire country is in this community. So much security goes into the Fair Field Estate that that a power plant was created nearby just to service the home.

The estate houses over $500 million worth of of art owned by billionaire Ira Rennert. It’s outfitted with a high-tech security gate, and it’s sure that this house will be very protected, in an already well-secure neighborhood in New York. At one point in time, this house may have been the largest and most expensive in the entire country.

“World’s Safest” Near UC Berkeley 

This home two miles southwest of the UC Berkeley campus has been touted the “world’s safest” house. Built by Eugene Tssui, a Cal alumni, and a another architect, the house is built on Hayward Fault, in a state that’s known for its earthquakes. What’s more incredible, the pair built the house to resemble a microscopic water-bug.

The home is completely fireproof, and features a sailfish-like fin that towers over the entrance as a rain cowl and wind breaker. This means it’s even prepared against indoor flooding and hurricanes —even though California isn’t known for hurricanes.

The house is fire, flood, mildew and termite resistant, and has reduced noise capabilities. The house is even earthquake resistant, and was originally designed to house Eugene Tssui parents, so you can imagine the design he implemented to protect his loved ones.

The White House 

This wouldn’t be a complete list without including the White House, the home that houses the President of the United States. For the Secret Service and the people who guard this home, it’s their sanctuary.

The beginning security of the White House is it’s iron fence, followed by guards that control entrances, a multitude of alarms and sensors around fences and the home, and a team of snipers on the rooftop. Other agents and guards patrol the inside and outside of the perimeters, some undercover and plainclothesmen.

Honorable Mention: Air Force 1

The president of the United States has his share of security measures between The White House, secret service agents, underground bunkers, and security places that we may not even know about. But one of his safest? His home in the sky, Air Force One.

Air Force One is not your ordinary plane. This aircraft is as tall as a six-story building, and 232 feet long. It features the world’s most advanced flight avoidance, air-to-air defense, and tight security that makes it one of the most secure moving locations on earth.

Air Force One is even equipped with a medical operating room and a doctor on every flight. The body of the plane can even withstand a nuclear blast from the ground.

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