What do dogs and security systems have in common? Homeowners depend on both to keep an eye on their homes. But every now and then, a beloved pet dog finds his way into the video. What the pooch never suspects is that the security camera would ever tattle on him. But that’s the nature of the beast. A dog does what a dog’s gotta do. A camera does what  a camera’s gotta do, and here’s what their owners see.

Dogs at the Wheel

No, it’s not a car chase film. But were the car parked on a street rather than a parking lot, it might have turned into one when a West Virginia Walmart shopper left her two dogs in the car while she went into the store. Mindful of the heat, she left the car running so they could have air conditioning. She didn’t count on them popping the car into gear. The security camera caught it as the car wheeled into a concrete pillar. Good Samaritans running to the rescue  were amazed to find a dog at the wheel and his fellow canine accomplice riding shotgun. Suffice it to say, they both took a backseat and drove home with a human at the wheel.


Foreign Film Star

Dogs worldwide are finding themselves on camera. Take this little pup in Vietnam who, even though he was confined in a gated yard, decided he wanted to go out and have a little night time fun. Little did he know the security system would capture his daredevil leap, and would still be running when he returned, leaping once again over the gate into the yard.  According to the time stamp, he was gone a good two hours. As in Las Vegas, what happens wherever he went, stayed wherever he went.

When a Cat Takes Control

Dogs aren’t always the stars of a video. In fact, sometimes they’re villains, and cats have the starring role – that of hero. Tara, a Bakersfield California cat, was minding her own business when she spied a dog racing toward her four year old human “housemate”who was riding his bike in the driveway.” She couldn’t get there in time to head the dog off, but when he came round the back of her owner’s parked SUV, grabbed the boy and started to drag him, the cat showed strength and valor no one expected of her. She jumped on the dog and sent him skittering away. Not only did the surveillance clip that caught the scene go viral, it made the evening news all over the country.

Dog Owners Caught Red-Handed

Everyone has heard of poop scoopers, well what about poop snoopers. A British private detective company offers a service to homeowners in which they set up security cameras to capture, on video, careless dog owners who let their dogs foul their property without cleaning up after them.


Avoiding False Alarms

While pet antics can be amusing, they can be expensive for the homeowner should the pet inadvertently trip a motion detector. In some cities, fines for repeat offenders may be as much as $400 a pop! Taking the following placement precautions can help reduce the chances of this happening.

  • Consider your dog’s habits and point in the opposite direction from his usual paths.
  • Keep detectors at least 5 – 6 feet out of pet’s reach. Keep in mind cats’ penchant for leaping.
  • Place detector near the ceiling so the coverage area is high enough to capture human trespassers but not pets.
  • For large dogs, placing the detectors upside down may prevent them from tripping it.

However cost is but one reason to take care. According to the Toronto Police Department, there are more critical reasons:

 Alarm systems were designed to protect lives and property. Properly installed, used and maintained alarm systems may be a real asset. When misused, they become a liability. Police, as well as security companies, spend a significant amount of time and money responding to false alarms. The system users experience the inconvenience of false alarms and the assessment of fees.

False alarms may:

  • delay police officers from responding to a real emergency;
  • lead neighbours to ignore your alarm system when it activates;
  • cause the system user to become reluctant to arm the system thus exposing the home or business to undetected theft or damage;
  • cost the system user to incur a false alarm fee.


Protect America offers pet-friendly motion detectors for furry friends under 40 lbs. Even better, since they monitor security systems alarms, they call the owner before alerting the police. Whether you have pets or not, if you’re interested in monitored home security, you can get a free quote from Protect America now.