Jobs are stressful. Everyone knows that. Apparently, being a UPS driver is just a little more stressful than the average gig. To prove that point, here’s a still image captured with a home security camera.

This photo was uploaded to the popular link sharing site, Reddit, by a user whose friend had a home security camera installed on their front porch.

“He then made the mistake of ordering a package via UPS,” said user chrisc2683.

Some reddit users (known as redditors) questioned whether or not the image was of an actual UPS driver. The original post of the photo identified the person as a UPS driver. The reddit community is notorious for vetting images such as these for accuracy and the debate can often be intense and shockingly informed.

“My dad works for ups, that is not a ups driver,” said user Null_Zero. “White socks are not allowed, shoes other than brown and black are not allowed. Non uniform items are not allowed. That thing in her hand is not a UPS DIAD. I’m not sure who this is being delivered by but it isn’t UPS.”

No matter what the amateur investigation of Internet sleuths reveals, one point is clear: home security cameras can provide valuable evidence when your property is damaged or burgled.