In the year 2022, the characters of the film, “The Purge,” find themselves in a future America where a new law has been enacted. The annual “purge” is conceived.

The purge is one night where all crime is legal — with the exception of hurting government officials — for a 12 hour period, starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 7 a.m. During this purge, police aren’t working and the emergency rooms of hospitals are shut down.

The main character of the film, played by Ethan Hawke, actually sells home security equipment for a living. So, as you can imagine, his house is outfitted with the some of the best equipment in the city to protect his family.

Though “The Purge” is an unrealistic concept that would never take place, some of the home security equipment they used is applicable and accurate. Here’s what we gathered:

Have a System with Cameras and Live-Streaming

In “The Purge,” the family is able to observe the outside world and their surroundings via their home security equipment that is live-streamed on televisions in their bunker.

While modern home security does not live-stream to TV’s, you can view your home and what’s happening in bedrooms, outside, and other locations via live-streams on smart devices. This is invaluable technology that gives homeowners a greater sense of peace of mind.

The modern age makes it convenient not only to secure the home, but to stay on top of what’s happening while you’re securing it. “The Purge” had this notion accurate, and they were right about how they made it happen.

Have a Safe or Panic Room

Families in certain parts of the country have tornado rooms or panic shelters in case of a storm, but these spaces are also used as common places for protecting against burglars and intruders.

It may not be feasible to build a panic room or to turn an extra space into one, but you can still create a plan and meeting location with the family in case there is an emergency and an intruder enters the home.

Having a safety plan is important and should not be overlooked.

Have Every Entry Point Locked Down and Inaccessible

“The Purge” wasn’t accurate about its depiction of the future United States (the purge in the film actually started in 2017, so since we currently live in that year, they were completely off).

But they were accurate about a few of the details pertaining to home security — this is good, since Ethan Hawke’s character sold it for a living.

Locking every entry point in the home is security 101. Those are the basics. Anytime you leave the house, and when you are home, every door, window, garage, and point of access should be locked without any chance of a burglar getting in. This is where motion sensors come into play in case there’s an entry.

This even means making sure that outdoor trees aren’t too close to windows, and no ladders or building materials can aid a burglar in entry.

These three things “The Purge” got right are some of the basics for homeowners and should be employed whether you in a home or apartment.

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