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More and more robots are starting to be used for everything these days. In fiction and reality, they have an endless number of roles for their existence. Earlier in the year, they were used as pole dancers. Even before then, robots were doing heavy labor and maintenance. Today, robots are inching forwards into modern life. The Ambient ( made this prediction for 2040 about them,

Robots were another big theme at CES 2018, and everyone from LG to Honda showed off cool concepts – the most interesting for the smart home were a cross between a social, humanoid design and a genuinely useful, single purpose design.


Already, robots are starting to be in the home. But can they be used for home security? That future might already be here. It would make sense to have robots watching the house while the home owner is away. They would be able to cover more ground around the building than a single video camera could. One can even put robots in the same category as drones for home security. RC Judge blog has made a list of the best five home security robots. Protect America took a look at each on them to see what they are all about. Their selections were:
  • RoboteX Avatar III
  • iPatrol Riley
  • Angee
  • Orbii
  • Boddenly

RoboteX Avatar III

On the surface, this little guy looks like a toy army tank. Customers will like the way this robot looks and enjoy the light weight as it roams around the house, checking to see if everything is okay. Already, the RoboteX Avatar III is being used to inspect crime scenes by security personnel. The setup is pretty easy with only having to install the software on a Mac or PC. This robot will be perfect for long-range surveillance and the Wi-Fi network for on-site managing. RoboteX Avatar III can also climb stairs and operate on wet floors, carpets, rugged landscape, and concrete. On top of that, the robot also has infrared night vision.

iPatrol Riley

This robot looks like a device out of a sci-fi novel. iPatrol Riley is reliable with Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit video and audio to the home owner’s smartphones so that they can check on their house and loved ones. A 5-megapixel camera delivers video in sharp quality HD. The robot also comes with two-way audio, allowing its owner to hear low voices and sounds with ease. iPatrol Riley also comes with night vision because of the addition of a built-in night light inside of it. This little guy will leaving the house with peace of mind the easiest thing in the world.


This robot looks more like a smart speaker with a camera inside of it. Angee is fully automated and personalized for use in the house. It uses sensors to detect motion inside the house. This robot does not just monitor one room, but the whole house at once. If the home owner is worried if this device will go off comes home and hears their voice, there is no need to be. Angee comes with a two-step authentication process which allows it to recognize the owner’s voice and face. Plus, there is ten hours’ worth of battery life to make it more perfect.


At first glance, this one looks like a ball with a camera on it. The Orbii is way more than that. It comes with an HD camera and various environmental sensors that monitor the house with the help of a smartphone or tablet. To start it up, the robot just need to be placed into its charging base and connected to the WiFi. Orbii just learns and gets smarter on its own, making life that much more easier. It learns about the house it monitors and goes from there. Orbii provides live streaming video and audio, making security that much better. It also comes with carbon monoxide sensors, a motion detection system, and sound sensors. On top of that, the robot automatically alerts a pre-decided phone number of the happenings. The home owner will never forget to lock the doors ever again because of it.



Just like RoboteX Avatar III, this robot looks like a toy tanker. Boddenly is perfect as a baby monitor around the house. Despite not having detect motion, it makes up for it with the ability to communicate with them via the two-way audio system. The robot can be controlled with the smartphone that can drive it around it all directions. Boddenly does live stream and takes pictures. iPhones and Androids can control Boddenly so easily. Because it can be charged wirelessly, the robot can operate while being charged.

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