Robots, lasers and holograms are just a few hi-tech gadgets you see in science fiction film and literature. And while science fiction technology is quite far from being commercially available, it’s nice to think that someday in the future, we can protect ourselves from nearly every danger imaginable. Here are a few futuristic movies and books that feature amazing home security systems:

Man of Steel

In this version of the origin story of Superman, Jor-El, the scientific leader of the Kryptonians, explains to Krypton’s Head Council that their planet is on a path to self-destruction. Unable to convince his colleagues that the only way for their race to survive is by escaping to settlement outposts throughout the galaxy, Jor-El prepares to send his son to a backwater planet called Earth. Jor-El’s former friend, General Zod, discovers Jor-El’s plot to send his son off-planet, and attacks Jor-El’s home. Jor-El’s home security system includes a heavy duty blast door that takes hits from multiple warships and integrated artificial intelligence units that help him don his futuristic armor.

Hidden away in the recesses of Jor-El’s laboratory is his intergalactic space vessel outfitted to hold his newborn son Kal and the complete historical and advanced scientific knowledge of the Kryptonians. The ship is capable of withstanding harsh wormhole environments and re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. It also comes with the downloaded version of Jor-El’s consciousness. Kal’s dad’s consciousness would provide key insights into Kal’s place in the universe and also distract Zod’s goons.

Star Trek Movies

Star Trek in the 1970s and its recent adaptations have always featured technology that fans love to drool over. Phasers that can be set to stun, replicators that create anything you want, and other fantastic gadgets are all part of the Star Trek universe. One of the most iconic technologies featured in Star Trek is the force field that protects the Federation Starfleet’s starships.

These shields are essentially electromagnetic energy barriers that can be used to seal breaches in a ship’s hull and block enemy photon torpedoes. The intensity of the force fields can range from non-lethal, which produces a slight tingle when touched or deadly, which kills upon contact. The ships’ crews can control the force fields and emit the energy at almost every point throughout a ship, creating an effective traveling cocoon around an individual.

Ghost in the Shell

This classic full-length Japanese anime follows a special police force assigned to a top secret mission: discover the origin of a mysterious artificial intelligence. As the audience watches the team plow through hitmen and spies, the one hi-tech gadget that stands out is a cloaking device that can be placed over homes, cars and even people. Many die-hard fans of Ghost in the Shell believe the technology, which is powered by powerful microprocessors, refracts light with tiny mirrors and reflects what it “sees” in its surrounding environment. To an observer, the object seems to disappear before their eyes.


In this epic dystopian future, the wealthy social elite have built a paradise in space called Elysium, while the destitute are left to fight over scraps on Earth. Humanoid robots police the overpopulated cities where riots and crime are commonplace. If Earth-bound humans do find a way to enter orbit, multiple security measures are used including ground-to-outer space missiles and fully armed aircraft ready to shoot down unwelcome guests.

Iron Man movies

Billionaire playboy genius Tony Stark first built the Iron Man suit to save his life, but started using it save the lives of others. While the bells and whistles of the Iron Man suit – repulsor rays, boot jets, lasers – are fancy, the real impressive technology is his J.A.R.V.I.S. artificial intelligence computer. Stark’s home computing system can control everything connected to his home, from the temperature of every room and the tinting of windows to droids that help Stark with his experiments.

J.A.R.V.I.S. was also designed to be compatible with Stark’s Iron Man armor. Through J.A.R.V.I.S., Stark can access military data, target multiple hostiles and access armor damage and power levels.