Setting up your own surveillance system does not have to be a million dollar investment. So relax! You can now rest easy knowing that it is possible from keeping an eye on your property and possessions. Better yet, you might be able to do the monitoring using gadgets you already own with the assistance of free software. However, due to the variability of reasons people want to build a home security camera system options range from professionally-installed-and-monitored systems to simple plug-and-play options.


For your home, a basic, wireless camera system will work just fine. Although you won’t have to build the cameras yourself, you will need to establish a complete system from different parts and components. That settled, you will end up with a security camera system that will cost you significantly less than a professional set up. You don’t need expensive software or a new camera to keep an eye on things at home.


There are three options you can choose from when building your home security system: free software on a used device, a DIY setup, or off-the shelf cameras.

Find Alternate Use for Your Tablets, Webcams and Phone to make a Security System

It is good news to know that your old phone or tablet can be re-purposed into a home security camera. This option is suitable of you only wish to watch one or two rooms. It is a basic setup that may lack a few of the more advanced capabilities offered by other devices as will be seen below.

To turn your tablet or phone into a camera you need to:

  • Identify a location to place it – you can customize a mounting support in order to cover the appropriate areas.
  • Choose a position near a power source and connect to your WI-FI network. This spot will prevent your phone or tablet from getting drained or cell signal dropping.
  • Create room in the device by deleting unnecessary apps for storage reasons.
  • Install a program that can transmit live video feed to the web.

The app Manything is an example of a free software that can enable live stream from anywhere on the web, and receives alerts whenever motion is detected in front of the lens. On an advanced note, you can shift to a paid version of the app, whereby it allows you to save recordings to the cloud and install the program on numerous devices.


Off-The-Shelf Camera

While this might appeal as the most convenient option, you have to pay some extra cash for the system. The benefit of the latest security cameras is their easiness to setup and operate. For instance the Nest Cam by Google’s parent company is reliable and intuitive. Its advancements include built-in speaker and microphone, motion alerts, and night vision capabilities. With this camera, you only need a strategic position for it since it uses a battery.

Build a DIY Camera System

Creating your own home surveillance system can be a difficult task. However, with the DIY technology you get an inexpensive and customizable method of doing the job yourself. The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that enables you control your surveillance camera.

Other than the numerous advantages that come with monitored home security systems such as stand alone cameras, insurance companies also give discounts on monitored homes.

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