Many homeowners rely on security efforts to keep their abode safe from the chance of robbery. One method used, is the placement of security cameras on the premises. When it comes to cameras, being smart about their positioning will aid in capturing images to help in trapping a perpetrator should a robbery arise. Here are some places that homeowners may not have thought about when it comes to hiding cameras on a property.


"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." -Albert Einstein

Using the same methods of security as the guy next door, won’t keep a home completely secure as these measures are "expected". Thinking outside the box is best!

  • Be Creative
  • Look Around The Home
  • Keep Electrical Needs In Mind

Use The Driveway

The driveway can be used as a great vantage point for a camera installation. While putting a camera is of course, not practical on the driving surface, the areas to the sides of the driveway can be utilized. Most people will not look at the sides of the property as they walk up this driving surface. They will focus on the home itself. Hiding cameras in trees or positioning them amount solar powered lights to obscure their presence can be great ways to get footage without it being noticed at all.

Use Decorations

Yard decor makes great hiding locations for security cameras. Place a camera on the underside of a birdbath, under the eave of a shed, or attached to the bottom of a decorative bench. Secure a camera to the back of a yard sign and point it toward the home’s walkway or front door. Holiday decor also makes great hiding spots for cameras as they are not permanent fixtures, making potential thieves disregard their presence altogether.

Utilize Foliage

Place a camera inside shrubbery, inside a tree, or amount floral blooms to obscure it from view. The inside of a decorative flower planter can be used as a camera resting spot as well. Simply drill a hole in the pot, add the camera, cover it with a protective barrier such as metal or foam, and add dirt and flowers. This will blend into the surroundings nicely and will not be evaluated as it is a decorative piece that adds attractiveness to the home.


Use The Mailbox

Most homeowners have a mailbox on their property to obtain bills, letters, and junk mail. Consider using this helpful tool to hide a camera. A camera can be positioned in the bottom portion, then covered with a piece of rigid metal. A hole can be drilled in the side of the mailbox so the camera lens has a spot to obtain footage. This can be done with a mailbox secured to the home, or even one roadside if there is a method for electrical input.

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