Burglary and property damage is no laughing matter. The FBI estimates that more than 7.9 million property-related crimes occurred throughout the US just in 2015 alone. In 33% of cases, intruders are likely to enter your home through the front door! This is unacceptable and entirely avoidable with the right security system in place. Making a home security system is possible for anyone with a bit of preparation and a plan.


Consider the Size and Layout of Your Home

Before making your own home security system it is imperative to consider the square footage of your home along with the layout of the property you wish to protect. Create a list of various entrances, large windows, and other unobstructed areas that a potential burglar may find that allows them access to your home. Understanding each specific area you want to secure and protect is vital when looking to invest in an entirely customized security system and home alarm. The more in-depth you are with specific locations you want to monitor, the easier it is to build a system and plan that works for you. Some areas to consider when building a custom home security system for yourself include:

  • Entryways (especially your home’s front entrance)
  • Screen doors and deck areas
  • Large windows or windows that are often obstructed from the view of those in or outside of your home
  • Doorways within your home leading to bedrooms, offices, or other rooms that hold important and valuable property
  • Areas outside of the home that may not be visible through windows, making it difficult to monitor potentially suspicious activity

Compare Your Options When Shopping for a Home Security System

Prior to making a final decision when shopping for a new home security system, review the options that are most suitable for the spaces you are looking to monitor. Whether you are interested in wired cameras or wireless technology, there are plenty of choices available. Take time to consider motion detectors for the windows and doors in your home, and if you prefer having the ability to monitor all activity with the use of your smartphone or even touchscreen devices you own.


Install and Activate Your Security System in Less Than One Hour After You Receive It

The process of building your home security system has never been easier, with most setups requiring less than an hour to completion once you have received your cameras and other monitoring devices. While in the past, installing and programming security systems often required appointments and professional assistance, new and improved technology allows you to get started immediately after you receive your order. Working with a security company with a quick phone call is all that is required to get your system properly programmed and up in running once you have your cameras and motion detectors in place.

With ProtectAmerica, trained security agents prepare each client’s individual orders before shipping them out, programming them and ensuring they are ready to be activated upon arrival. Most of the work required by the individual includes simply setting up the devices into desired locations prior to activation.

Are you ready to feel more secure and protected in your own home? Contact ProtectAmerica today to get the security and monitoring system that is right for you.