While home security systems seem to be an invention of the present day, they really have roots that go deep into the past. Security systems for residential or commercial property might look like they were dreamed up in Silicon Valley but the truth is that their roots are far, far more surprising to most people. In fact, today’s discussion will focus entirely on the shocking creator of the home security system as well as a few other surprising facts about the work of security systems in general.


Marie Van Brittan Brown – Inventor of the Home Security System.

In order to attain a proper appreciation for the work that security systems are doing today, readers would have to go back to the ’60s in order to properly appreciate where the products even came from. The source of the security system is not some scientific laboratory out on the West coast. Instead, it can be sourced to the work of Marie Van Brittan (1922 – 1999) and her husband Albert.

Surprising Fact Alert! The first home security system was created by utilizing a closed-circuit TV system and it served as, essentially, the precipice off of which the security system industry leaped into modern times.

Marie Van Brittan was born in Jamaica, Queens and she would be raised there until becoming a nurse. Marie would eventually meet and marry Albert Brown who was a technician for electronics in the ’60s. The happy couple weren’t altogether happy with the dangerous neighborhood that they lived in and due to Marie’s odd hours, coming and going in the deep of night, the couple were rightfully worried about criminal activity.  This led Marie and Albert to begin tinkering around with what would become the first security system in modern history. While the roots of their incredible discovery seem as mundane as any other discovery, driven by need, their path to completing the project was anything but. Let’s take a close look at a few surprising facts about the Brown family’s work in developing the first home security system of all time.

3 Surprising Facts About Marie’s Home Security System.

Driven by necessity, Marie and Albert worked hard in order to develop a system with the technology that was available to them. Remember, this was a time before the internet and before a person could just walk down the street in order to buy techno-gadgets to suit their needs. With that being said, let’s take a look at a few amazing facts about this first ever, unique security system.

  • The first surprising fact was that Albert and Marie created a door monitoring system out of an old television and a motorized camera. The camera could be manually controlled in order to look through four separate peepholes drilled into the cabinet.
  • The second surprising fact was that Marie and Albert managed to create a two-way television monitoring system by using wireless signals controlled by a radio. Albert and Marie figured out how to project images from their back door to the monitor in their bedroom.
  • The third surprising fact was that Marie or Albert were able to trigger a security alarm thanks to a button that could be pressed and which would alert nearby security, neighbors, or a guard. There was a separate button that would allow Marie or Albert to remotely unlock the door if the visitor was a friend.

As can be seen above, Marie and Albert were working on something incredible with limited technology. They both knew how important their work was and it led to the couple filing for a patent in 1966. At the time, nobody else was trying to do what they were doing so Marie and Albert landed the coveted ‘first’ label.

Equipping Your Home With A Professional Security System.

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