Have you packed up and moved recently? Are you planning to pack up and move soon?

United States citizens are known for their frequent relocating, whether they are moving to a new home in the same city, heading off to a new region, or an entirely new state. Some Americans might even head off to a state like Hawaii—an island that’s off the United States Coast Land. 

According to a Gallup Survey in 2013, one in four Americans move every five years (about 24 percent). The countries that were the closest to Americans in moving were Finland (23 percent), and Norway (22 percent). Americans are frequently packing up gear, dropping it off, and heading into new homes and locations. 

According to the popular stats blog, FiveThirtyEight, the average American will move 11.4 times in their lives. This means we can assume 11 homes are lived in over the course of an American’s lives. That’s a lot of homes—especially considering most realtors suggest only living in three homes throughout your life. Realtors suggest purchasing a starter home, a large dwelling to raise children, followed by scaling back to accommodate for retirement. Compare this to Europeans only moving four times in their entire lifetimes.

Moving is a costly endeavor that we each embark on at least once in our lifetime. Some data suggests that lower income brackets are more likely to move, because those in higher-tax brackets stay put in their homes. This makes sense, because higher-income families may have large homes that they have worked many years to obtain, and they are older and less likely to want to go through the process of moving.

Why Do People Move?

There are a number of reasons that people move. Moving statistics also depend on age group. Fivethirtyeight says the average 30-year-old has moved six times, while an average 18-year-old has only moved twice.

Moving isn’t actually something that the US Census Bureau asks Americans about. They estimate moving rates by studying what age groups are most likely to move in a given year and the overall composition of the United States. 

Reasons for moving might include: Job relocation, up-sizing a home, new marriage, retirement, neighborhood changes, health issues, pursuing a new dream or goal, and some people move because they believe a new house will make them happy. Younger Americans or post-college graduates are likely to move to a new city or location once they graduate. 

Regardless of the cause, Americans of all demographics move a lot, for all different reasons. An average of 11.4 moves in a lifetime is a high number. That means 11.4 or more homes need to be protected. Fortunately, with Protect America’s DIY home security kit, moving is made easy.

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