Protecting your property is a basic requirement of home-ownership. Some people take this responsibility seriously and do the research necessary to properly secure their homes. Others, like the ones mentioned in this article, decide to take a few short cuts to their home security. In general, scrimping on your home security doesn’t have the worse consequences. From time to time, however, peoples’ ridiculous attempts at home security lead to even more ridiculous results.


New Mexico Man Attempts to Recreate Home Alone

It’s hard not to be impressed with the series of clever booby traps (or man traps for our friends across the pond) designed and implemented by Kevin McAllister in Home Alone. We here at The Security Blanket have never hidden our love of this hit 1990 movie (include link) but some people take their admiration a little too far.

Benny Armijo of Albuquerque, New Mexico was one such person. Whether Benny really is a devout Home Alone fan or just a budding supervillain remains to be seen. What we do know is that Benny decided to booby trap his house with a shotgun connected to a trip wire. When Scott Gallegos attempted to enter the property, the shotgun discharged wounding him in the arm. (It’s still somewhat unclear whether Gallegos was burglarizing the place as he and Armijo were actually friends.) New Mexico state police charged Armijo with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Gallegos was flown to a state hospital, where he recovered from his wounds. Police said Gallegos would be charged with burglary (a lesser charge than what Armijo received) but local media didn’t follow up.

Author’s Note: The closest Home Alone came to this stunt involved a BB gun.

Homeowners Defend Their Property… By Shooting Themselves

Americans are comfortable with guns. According to the University of Chicago, approximately 1/3 of America households have a gun. Though the number of households with guns has been declining for decades, many people still feel safer protecting their home with a firearm. Maybe they shouldn’t…

In May 2012, a San Antonio man was startled out of bed when he heard an intruder enter his home. He immediately reached for a gun stashed in his night stand but accidentally discharged the gun shooting himself, and his girl friend in the leg. Each made a full recovery and police never found any evidence of an attempted break in. No word on whether the couple stayed together.

Apparently, shooting yourself isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Last year, a Las Cruces man (sorry New Mexico, we swear we aren’t picking on you!) shot himself after pulling a gun on three burglars that entered his home. While chasing after the burglars, the 30-year old burglar victim accidentally discharged his weapon, resulting in a non-life threatening injury. Hopefully the homeowner learned a valuable lesson, if you’re going to pull a John McClane, keep your finger off the trigger.


Home Security System Thwarted with Rotisserie Chicken

The exact definition of a home security system seems to vary from person to person. For some, it’s a wireless home security system with monitoring solution from Protect America. For others, an alarm system involves a yappy dog and a gun no less than 5 feet away at any given moment. These types of home alarm systems have obvious deficiencies, put many people can’t really see it until the worst has already happened.

A Florida family realized their dog wasn’t the best home security system in 2011 when they returned home to discover they had been robbed. The perpetrators took a whopping $13,000 worth of jewelry and caused substantial damage to the rest of the house. Unfortunately, the burglars subdued the dog… with a rotisserie chicken. To add insult to injury, the burglars didn’t bring the chicken with them. They stole it from the family’s fridge.