People focus on indoor lighting. But, why do we neglect outdoors? Whether it is reading on a chilly night, or throwing a party, outdoor lighting serves more purposes than indoor, sometimes. Thoughtful landscape lighting is a treat for the eyes. “You want people driving by to take a second look because what you’ve created is interesting,” says Chris Mitchell of landscape lighting firm NiteLiters.


Dibs On DYI

  • Not everyone has a path, or long driveway to keep lit at night to navigate. However, everyone wants a cozy spot to watch the stars. Tiny nooks in the corner of your yard could your happy place with easy-to-plant flowers and lighting that gives it the ambiance you deserve. The DYI of smart lighting is about finding what appeals to you most. For instance, light shape, brightness, and the location are up to you. Even if you go minimalist, the natural moonlight is increased to please the eye and soothe the soul.
  • Other people have paths, natural foliage, and space. Smart lighting becomes essential for navigation, but no one wants merely a dotted map of random lights. You want to highlight the outdoor projects like flower beds, and artisan pieces, so everyone may appreciate them. The bonus is the evolution of smart lighting that also adds texture and color to an already calming walkway.
  • Night Light, Inc. is a company that specializes in placing smart lighting systems for the outdoors by mimicking moonlight. The coolness of the effect is that it is set up in one tree, or a dozen, to give you that ambiance that you thought only the mood could provide. You do not have to wait for the moon’s fullness or a clear night to bask in the moonlight.
  • What makes outdoor lighting smart?

    Besides the obvious, outdoor lighting systems work much like indoor. Through automation created for your specific needs, you can set them not to turn on when you are away, or simply wanting to save energy. Automation is general is energy efficient, because of the options available.

    Smartphone apps and hubs like Alexa control many outdoor lighting systems. It provides you the control to turn them off and on, make them sensitive to movement, and choose which portions of your system you want to utilize at any time. You even can change the colors of your lights through the same smart methods. Holiday seasons and special events are as smooth as the smartphone in your hand.


    Usefulness Of Using Smart Lighting

    • Smart lighting is always energy save in the long run. Be it motion detection, or on a timer, energy saver equals money saver, every time.
    • You can live spontaneously knowing you can turn your outdoor lights on and off from anywhere. Who does not live for a spur of the moment road trip?
    • Life is made easier with automation. And, not all automation is for everyone. But, how awesome are the outdoor lighting options?
    • Even the most automation savvy person runs into issues with lighting systems, indoor and outdoor. Protect America is available and ready to assist you with any and all questions as well as walk through each step to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.