The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on February 8th this year! That day will mark the beginning of the year of the monkey. To celebrate, add some festivity to your home with these easy Chinese New Year DIY crafts!

Paper Firecrackers

Making Chinese New Year Firecrackers

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Did you know that the Chinese invented fireworks? Firecrackers play a big part in Chinese festivities. While it would be unsafe to hang actual, explosive, firecrackers in your home, paper firecrackers are entirely safe and fun to use as decoration along your walls. They’re easy to make with any red colored papers. Check out this thorough tutorial here.

Shuang Xi (Double Happiness) Paper cut Craft


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Bless your home with happiness by practicing an easy paper cutting craft. Paper cut is a traditional art form in China, and they often feature elaborate and detailed scenes. Paper cut art is often used as a fancy decoration for Chinese New Year. We might not be paper cut masters, but this one is pretty easy. Copy the pattern from this tutorial.

Lotus Flower Lantern

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If you have a little extra time, check out this beautiful DIY project. It’s simple to do, but it might take some extra time. You can print out all the patterns and pieces here.

Small Paper Lanterns

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If you have any toilet paper rolls lying around, this is a fun craft that is festive, cute, and easy! Read through the guide here.

Good luck, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!