Gifting for the family gets harder every year. How can we top last year? What do they still need? Well, we’ve got a big list to help you out. This is our home safety gift giving guide for family members and loved ones of all ages.

For Kids

Shower anti-slip pads

Showers cause a surprising number of slip and fall injuries every year, even though we don’t really think about it as a hazard. Let your children shower worry free (for you and for them) with shower anti-slip pads! They can play around in the water all they want. Many anti-slip pads also come in cute shapes that could amuse your kids. This is also a good gift for seniors or anyone who may have trouble balancing and moving around on a slippery surface.

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Escape ladder

If your kids’ rooms are on or above the second floor of your house, having a safety escape ladder is crucial to getting out of the house as quickly and safely as possible in the case of a fire or other emergency.

Smart lock

Do your kids come home to an empty house? There’s now a sure way to check whether or not they locked the door after coming home—or any time they come and go. With a smart lock, you can check the status of the lock whenever, wherever you are, on your smartphone. You can even get notifications every time it’s unlocked.

For Adults

Emergency kits

Emergency and first aid kits are crucial to keep in your cars and homes. They are relatively inexpensive, and they give you peace of mind. Know that no matter what happens, you’re prepared.

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Reflective wrist or arm bands

If you have a loved one who likes to walk, jog, or just be outside in the early morning or late at night, reflective wrist bands can go a long way in making them more visible to cars on the road. Those drivers are probably sleepy, but the reflective band will get their attention. Other options include a reflective vest, which is even more effective but more obtrusive and less comfortable. If they are walking their dogs, reflective leashes are great as well.

Bike lights

Are they bike enthusiasts? Hopefully, they already have bike lights, but if not, this is a great opportunity to push it onto them. It’s so essential for bike safety. It makes them visible to traffic, and it helps light up their path. Make sure you get a set: a red light for the back and a white light for the front.

Food thermometer

This is probably the most useful tool in the kitchen. There simply isn’t any other way to get this information. Ensure that your favorite cook’s meat is always cooked to the right temperature, even when they are forgetful or distracted.

For Seniors

Sofa and chair leg anti-slip pads

Especially if the house has hardwood floors, chairs and sofas can sometimes be less sturdy than they look. Seniors who rely on using these for support when moving around the house need them to stand firmly on their legs. However, they can actually slide around without even applying much pressure. If you place anti-slip pads designed for tables, chairs, and sofas, on the bottoms of the legs, they will become reliable support structures for your loved ones.

Contact or medical information wallet insert

There are many customizable contact and medical information cards that you can have printed. They look neat, professional, and legible. Place it in your loved one’s’ wallet or jackets—whichever will be more likely to be on their person when they’re out and about.

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Home security camera

Not everyone can stay home with their elderly family members every hour of the day. However, there is a quick and easy way to check on them. Home security cameras are lightweight cameras that provide a live stream to your phone whenever you access them. It’s an easy way to instantly check up on your loved ones and see that they’re okay—and you can do it anywhere!

Medical alert pendant

If someone in your family has chronic medical issues, giving them a medical alert pendant can be very useful in case of emergency. If they are alone and unable to call for help on their own, they can simply activate the medical alert pendant, and emergency contacts or ambulances will be contacted.

Handrails around the house

If your loved ones are having a harder time moving around the house or using the bathroom or shower, handrails can be a huge help. Buy and install them around the house for your family members this holiday season to make the home more suitable to their life.

Closing Thoughts

These may not be the most glamorous of presents, but they’re certainly worth their weight in gold. Will any of these make your Christmas shopping lists?